post your exotic/performance/modded car

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ronin, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Oh, my bad. Sorry. You don't drive anything FWD? And you don't have a civic. Hate to spoil it for you, buddy, but driving your Kia in reverse doesn't make it rear wheel drive. Reject.

    Yeah, so maybe you don't type like that. But the fact that your name is like that does tell anyone with half a brain that you're a ricer. It's ok. Just log off your computer and go back to reading your "Kia tuning importer rice-man international" magazine. Have fun with that.
  2. Nice to know you're a Ignorant little ass shit. Let me guess you dont even own a car do you?

    Edit: Oh wait your Geo is better then a Kia by like 10x....
  3. I'm posting more pictures.
  4. That dyno pic is too big
  5. Sweet ride. Thats what Im planning to buy and modify as well, but I doubt Ill be able to afford a Z28. Guess Ill have to settle for the V6 model.
  6. whoops, i forgot to read the disclaimer.
  7. good luck. personally i'd hold out for the v8. i went with a 6cyl. first as well though.
  8. tough guy, too good for FWD
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  10. whoa...i dont mean to be offensive to anyone, as yu mutha #$%#rs take offense to everyting, but does anyone have any GOOD cars?
  11. why not post your's as an example??
  12. I think I do, ya bit(h.
  14. because im 13
  15. i am so tempted to ban you for stupidity.
  16. look asshole, im not saying that yur cars suck shit, im asking if anyone has like a good car like a porsche or something like that...but i guess there is some stupidity in me, im asking if there are any good cars, in the american forum, one thing is that americans are stupid and another thing is that their cars suck

    holla back biatch
  17. #1 If you would read the damn thread there is a Porsche listed.
    #2 There is a whole f'n lot of stupidity in you.
    #3 If you hate Americans and American cars so damn much then why do you use American slang?
    #4 Let me ask you this, who are you exactly?

    #5 It doesn't matter who you are!

    Don't holla back ever biotch!

  18. you dont even have a car you fu kin #%$ at.
  19. you talk a lot of sh it for a 13 year old who doesnt know sh it about cars

    I like FWD cars....I just need to find the right one if i do buy a FWD. It just piss me off when there is a lot of load in on rear tires and your trying to make a turn and the wheels lift/lose traction is what pisses me off about them.
  21. yeah but in traffic there's nothing like fwd. i would whip my gti like no other.
  22. You obviously didn't read the thread there are lots of nice cars in it and the reason people take offense on this site is because of idiotic posts like this.
  23. So... you don't want to be offensive, but you go ahead and call us all "mutha #$%#rs. You really are 13, aren't you?
  24. yu guys are such pricks
  25. better than being a mouthy punk kid with zero idea of what a good car is.

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