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Discussion in 'Artwork - Photoshops and Sketches' started by Veyronman, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. here' my Monaro PS...i messed up the spoiler, and i'm still working on trying to get a bigger bodykit, new front etc...
  2. The last one I did was some old Volvo.
  3. Yellow is original.
    Red is the shop.
  4. your car has door handles. .but no door o_O
  5. this is kinda old but here
  6. just playing around...
  7. 0rig...

    and i didnt get anything from the Carrera GT door or anything....did it all myself..
  8. wretvgw4r
  9. i think i have it here.

    i saved it cos it is a masterpiece
  10. haha... yes that was a masterpiece, the final was the best though
  11. that was the final one.

    oh, and the monaro i did was originally yellow
  12. Thats awesome!
  13. i know, should have said that one instead of the final one
  14. how the hell did u make that vent???
  15. Airbrush.
  16. I did these at the same time.
  17. The Impreza and Viper are awesome.. great job.
  18. Nothing terrific ... but I can't do much better right now ...
  19. :D Those magnesium wheels sure do make a diff.

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