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  1. They're just RAM Trucks now. For some reason somebody at Chrysler thought it would be a good idea to spin the trucks off into their own brand/sub-brand. I blame the Italians.
  2. Once again, these hick vehicles don't actually register anywhere outside of your cousins/sister
  3. Well, where are the great rides you said you built? Don't know how to get them from your imagination to the interweb? I guess there always has to be some assclown dreamerboys on these sites to hate on the likes of myself that actually accomplish something in the real automotive world. And if you knew anything about the real automotive world, I'd tell you about my "hick" Daytona's ti connecting rods, billet crank, and such. And another fact about the "hick" Dodge T-III engine: the head was designed by the "hick" company known as Lotus Engineering. And I'll make sure to tell my "hick" buddy he shouldn't park his SRT-10 next to his Jag and Carrera. But I think you should get off the web and leave the real car people alone. You better go do your homework or you might get grounded from seeing the Justin Bieber concert this weekend!
  4. don't feed the troll, man.
  5. and don't drive away the new members, man.
  6. He's proving his worth by being good for a laugh, but yeah, don't feed the troll
  7. Also the JB concert was 2 weeks ago
  8. I'd imagine the SRT10 has factory Brembo's, no? Any noticeable improvement with that setup?

    On my 240 they just looked better, there's no helping old Nissan brakes. On my G35 I went for the same dimpled/slotted rotors, but I'll never know what the factory brakes were like as they were shot when I bought the car.
  9. Did you have the flexy single/dual piston setup on your 240? Or did you have the 300/R32 4 pots?

    Because the 4 pots are actually quite good.
  10. Yea I had the garbage singles. Couldn't justify the price of converting to the Z calipers. Mind you I hate the North American brakes, 426hemi had converted his (same car) to the JDM 180SX brakes and didn't have any complaints.
  11. I went drifting today. Enough snow in there to actually make the whole car shake! A good wash fixed it up.
  12. Went Raging Balls and ordered BMW Performance alcantara/leather shift boot, shift knob and parking brake boot/handle. Also ordered MTEC Cree LED license plate lights.
  13. how much weight did you save?
  14. very important endeed
  15. By removing two of the leather panels in the shift boot and replacing it with alcantara, I saved 25 grams.
  16. you'll be able to go so much faster now.
  17. How does that shift knob go in? BMW's always confuse me. Clean looking parts though!

  18. Tonight was no fun. Window went down and didn't come back up while at a staff Xmas party. Spent most of the night trying to fix it. I was prepping to put some plastic up for the drive home when I had given up, then I closed the door and the window went up!

    Replacement motors are not cheap <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  19. Apparently just press fit, DIY says just to put it in park and pull up.
  20. That's how my car is. Just yank straight up. Takes a fair bit of force.
  21. Also just ordered MTEC Cree LED angel eye bulbs and Blackline tail lamps.
  22. The G35's was horrible. I know understand when I see a G or a Z with a shiftknob turned sideways. I always thought the person couldn't figure out that it just twists off, or that it got loose and they got lazy. I had to take TWO vice grips and needed a friend to take mine off. Ended up destroying the oem one in the process.
  23. And of course after ordering all this stuff, the ABS pump/controller decides to take a dive. ABS light, Brake light and Traction light lit up my dashboard and all manner of warnings of death blasted on the iDrive screen.

    Pulled the codes, 5DF0 and 5DF1, pump failure and control module failure.
  24. You can ship your ABS module to Module Masters. I had the same exact thing with my previous 540i. Some modules are unfixable, but most of the time they can be cleaned up and re-soldered. Don't buy a new one unless you want to spend around 1k$, including programming it to your car. I don't know about the E90, but on the E39 you can drive while it's out of the car, but your speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge won't work among other things like speed sensitive audio. It's a pretty common BMW issue.

    EDIT: It took them a week to fix my module, including shipping time, I did pay for overnight shipping, though.

    Also, if you need a good indy BMW shop, Touring Car in Matthews, NC is a good and honest place.
  25. Are the brake lights out?

    Lame either way.

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