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  1. Getrag were owned by GM for a large portion of the 90's
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    Going to buy a new 4wd beater?
  3. VSL roundels, MTEC V4 Cree LED angel eyes and Hella Optilux fog light bulbs.
  4. Not really a mod, but I finally removed the stock roof rack from my Jeep XJ. Been meaning to do it for a long while now. Can't believe how much better it looks. Also going to remove the trailer hitch and maybe some other stuff. Trying to shed some weight, clean up the looks and maybe improve the aerodynamics ever so slightly, which I realize is fighting a losing battle.
  5. Ordered a Magnaflow muffler, resonator and y-pipe for a custom catback on the BMW.

    Also visited the Genesis at the shop today, they finally managed to find a matching replacement headlamp and they discovered a few suspension pieces were bent. We are now over $10,000 in repairs and insurance is still refusing to total it, they still want to fix it.
  6. Not that you need it, but is insurance getting you a rental in the meantime?
  7. I didn't have that coverage on my insurance, and her insurance didn't pay for one either.
  8. just smash the roof already
  9. I've decided to put my complete Moton Clubsports up for sale, and ordered Nitron race suspension with higher spring rates instead.
  10. how much weight will that save?
  11. At least 5 lbs per corner. Those shocks have a machined aluminum housing.
  12. Are they "more round" than your last set?
  13. probably.

    his closet is also thrilled it has to bare 5 pounds less weight in it
  14. You spelled "moron" wrong.
  15. what are you talking about? This is pure brilliance on my part.
  16. 4 new tires (Michelin)

    renewed frustration with fixing my AWD
  17. Scrapped the idea of re-wrapping my stock steering wheel and ordered this M-Tech 2 non airbag wheel. It's thicker and smaller in diameter and will save some weight as well.
  18. Found a reoccurring IBS code and car seems to have a little stutter starting in the cold mornings. The battery is newish so the dealer I bought the car from may have damaged the IBS sensor in the negative cable when they replaced the battery.

    Also getting a Valvetronic Thermal Overload protection code.

    Neither of these are actually illuminating the check engine light or any other warning lights, but keep popping up when I scan. I gather the latter may have been addressed in a software update, but can't find a TSB on it.
  19. No airbag.

    Oh, good.
  20. yeah saving weight instead of safety is a great idea.

  21. irritable bowel syndrome?
  22. Just did a minor overhaul of the 32. Replaced all cv boots, Pulled the engine and tranny, replaced turbines with 2860-5s, water and oil lines with stainless, installed a 32row cooler from SETRAB, pulled the entire HICAS system and put in a HICAS canceller, replaced the power steering lines, and general aesthetics (valve cover and plenum match car color). Looks good.
  23. Intelligent Battery Sensor.
  24. Anybody know of a company that makes good all-weather mats/floor-liners that's not weathertech? According to them people who drive manual tranny Hondas never get their feet dirty...
  25. Weathertech is the only one I know of that does liners, both Husky and Weathertech show they do HD rubber mats. The channels on the Husky go up further towards the pedals than the Weathertech though.

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