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  1. Those dont look too bad at all

    Alright lets try this one
  2. ^ I really don't know much about those, but that looks mean!
  3. Yeah, but not too many trucks actually have a wheel arch that big. I'd have to guess some sort of crew cab/short box trucks would be the closest fit for this sort of box.

    Not bed liner yet as I'm getting bed cage made up in the spring for my RTT. Might as well get that sprayed with liner at the same time to bring costs down.

    Beyond that I've just been doing maintence on the truck since I installed the box. Changing the front transfer case seal and ujoint on monday.
  4. Its a blast. Great car all around. The tranny is smooth as butter. And the 429hp is also nice. Its a rocket. Suspension is the perfect mix for everyday driving while still feeling capable. There are a lot of angry mustang drivers around here.
  5. I don't think I've seen any of those on the road here. Just did some reading on it, I like it! Post some more pics of yours if you can.
  6. So in prep for aftermarket wheels, I went out and bought some Muteki lug nuts, which have an adapter for the standard lugs and a key. Combine that with my Gorilla locks for my oem wheels, and I now have three keys/adapters to not lose, and to rattle everywhere I drive. I decided to make a holder for them from some floral foam. There's a little cubby hidden away in the rear seats (pictured) that I have never actually found a use for, till now. It isn't a perfect fit, nor finish, but since it's covered up anyway I don't care too much.
  7. You betcha. She's all winterized right now. Winter steelies and mud flaps and whatnot so not real perty. The dealership in Kelowna only sold 5 of them through entire production run of this model. So they aren't real common. Lots of the 3.8l V6s around and a few with the smaller V8. But a real R-spec is rare around here. I love it for the road trips from here to ft.Mac. comfy and eats the kms away real quick
  8. Headers I put on earlier this year had terrible welds, one primary pipe separated completely from the flange. Tired of the issues, I put the manifolds back on and traded the Genesis Coupe in for a 2011 Genesis Sedan 4.6 with Technology and Premium packages.

    Heated/cooled seats, Lexicon 17-speaker surround sound, navigation.

    Less than 48 hours in, already modding, pulled two of the three resonators out of the air intake hose, removed the carbon filter out of the air box lid and removed the air box clapper.

    That last bit is interesting. First chance to floor the car, once I let off the accelerator pedal I heard this "THWAP!" come from the front end and did it anytime following hard acceleration. Like the Coupe, there is an air duct in front of the grille that feeds the air box. However in the Sedan, they put this thing in the air box that closes off that connection until enough vacuum pulls it open. It has magnets that slam it back shut when not enough vacuum is present and that is the noise I was hearing, it slamming back shut. Seems odd to put three sizable resonators on the air intake hose to effectively silence any V8 induction noise but put this plastic clapper in. Hyundai's solution for the noise was to line the opening with felt, my solution was to throw it in the trash.
  9. Did some tail lights
  10. Garage mod? Bought this 06 Focus less then a month ago. Picked it up for $2750. Got a buyer lined up on the 29th for $3500. Easy money!
  11. Noticeable gains?
  12. ...what color are your reverse lights?
  13. I wish there was a thumbs up button.
  14. Not as much throttle lag as before and a little induction growl.
  15. Of the clear section, top half is the indicator which is a osram diadem bulb. Lower half is a cree led unit.
  16. Since you're a Renaultsport fan, you'll appreciate the kind of car my friend recently bought.

    For the uninitiated, this is a "Renault Clio Renaultsport 197 F1 Team R27" (really).

    The Recaros are fantastic. Brembos on a shopping car is overkill, but w/e it's cool.
  17. Took advantage of a holiday sale and ordered CPI stepped headers with a tune. These headers will eliminate the cats, so I'll need to order a new euro style section 1 with race cats eventually.

    I will also have them ceramic coated prior to installation.
  18. Basic layout/routing of the air intake is done, next to fabricate a heat shield/box to cut down on the heat soak.

    Immediate results of this setup, V8 actually sounds like a V8 in the cabin. Hard acceleration from a complete stop now triggers ESC intervention, before it didn't, it simply glided off the line.
  19. I'm getting those brakes soon. Hopefully.
  20. I have been looking for a intake setup for the 5.0l. nobody will invest on building them because they end up hurting power. Minor gains down low with significant loss on the top end. You should look into dyno testing it now and see what its putting down.

    I am gonna leave the intake system stock and work on a drone free exhaust system. Also nearly impossible in these cars. I may end up just sticking with the cutouts I have for when i want a little more sound
  21. Some have reported drone free success with replacing the mufflers with Dynomax VTs, since they have the pressure actuated flapper in them that converts it from chambered to straight through when you get on it.

    Others say Borla's catback is drone free, but pricey. I'm going to start with MSA ' S X pipe on stock mufflers and go from there.

    As for the intake, I'm downsizing to 3.5". TB is 3.5" and MAF is 3.75". Should have that next week and should be able to put the duct back in.
  22. It's been snowing alot here the last few days. So I've been drifting alot.
  23. Yeah I have heard a lot about the VTs. Magnaflow now builds a full cat back system that apparently sounds great with minimal drone. And a friend of mine tried the borla and had it pulled off within a week. He said it was terrible for the price. He has the stock system back on with cut outs similar to mine. And is going to try the new magnaflow system soon. Its only 1500$ plus install. The bprla was closer to 2500 plus install afaik.
  24. Just checked it out, looks like Magnaflow finally addressed their error, as I mentioned in the other thread, a lot of 5.0 guys were putting on MF's 4.6 catback because it had resonators (And the 5.0 did not). More or less looks like they just flip flopped the systems as they now have a revised 4.6 one that took away the resonators.

    MSA's setup is a little less than the MF catback and if the drone proves to be too much, I still have the pair of 12" Vibrant 2.5" resonators I never used on the GenCoupe.
  25. Get the recaros, too.

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