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  1. can't recall either. its mostly a heat shield but these days its usually used for cosmetic effect
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  3. Yeah. I know my buddy wrapped his to keep from burni g his calf muscle as much. But is heat soak an issue? It was something mentioned in the thread. Do you think there is any noticeable performance advantages
  4. for the heat wrap there is no performance advantage unless you keep you're electronics (or other components that are affected by heat) next to your exhaust manifolds. as for ceramic coating you'll maybe ( and I do stres maybe) get 1 or 2 horsepower. so unless you only run in very long straight lines its not really a performance add on.
  5. Ordered Brembo calipers today for front and rear.
  6. Left front caliper arrived.
  7. hate it when that happens
  8. Piecing them together, cheaper that way. All four together, they go for $1,000 on average. Pieced together, I've spent $560.
  9. I suppose thats worth the hassle
  10. One of the rears came in, compared it to the caliper that is currently back there. Looks like it will bolt right in.
  11. Are they oem brembo's?
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    Yes OEM Brembos from the Genesis Coupe. All the Genesis Sedan ever got were four-piece four-piston Mando calipers, like these:

    On my Genesis Coupe, I had base model brakes (Single piston fronts, single piston rears with solid rear rotors). I swapped on the Mando calipers on the front of the Coupe. Other than cutting off a retaining hook on the factory brake line, it was straight bolt-on. Much improved braking, but quickly realized pad and rotor selections were almost non-existent.

    The Brembo calipers are lighter than the Mandos and have tons of choices of pads and rotors.
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  15. Rear Brembos installed.

    Went from single piston caliper and 12.3" rotors to 4-piston caliper and 13" rotors.
  16. did u bleed ur lines on the tarmac
  17. lol

    Liking it so far?
  18. lol, actually only had a 5 gallon bucket to catch fluid once I broke the brake hose loose, it did not fit too well and ended up dropping a lot on the ground.

    Chantastic, yes, a little more confidence in braking. Will be swapping the fronts over in a few weeks.
  19. Put on a set of narrow/taller Toyo MT's and test fitted an 82qt ARB fridge. Few weeks I'll throw on the roof top tent once more. Eager to start camping again!
  20. Kinda wish I would've gone with a more aggressive tire on the FJ. I simply don't drive it enough for the noise and tire wear to matter much to me.
  21. Do the chalk test on your tires and problem solved for wear. Toyo MT's are actually pretty quiet considering the tread pattern. There is a very little noise difference compared to the Duratracs.
  22. Such a great little rig. Love it.
  23. Does the fridge have it's own battery? Or does it need to be tapped in? Or is that just a cooler?
  24. Its a fridge/freezer. It can either be hardwired in to the truck or hook into the regular 12 volt outlet. It has various battery protection settings to cut off if the trucks battery gets too low. I can also plug it in with a standard outlet in the house.
  25. Brembos all the way around now.

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