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  1. That looks much better
  2. it's an off the shelf part I modded with the CF vinyl. Normally they have wood covering.
  3. wise choice with the vinyl
  4. Agreed. Now time to sell the horrible red shift knob that was free...
  5. Shift extension? Stick on gear pattern? wut
  6. That's the only downside to a duracon or derlin knob. Can't engrave them I guess. At least not in the high traffic areas I suppose for durability? Maybe I'm wrong. My old nismo duracon knob had nismo written on it but low down, and no pattern either.

  7. Why do you need a pattern to remind you where the gears are?
  8. It just looks better, if you ask me.
  9. Just flushed the power steering fluid, and picked up a never installed oem high rise wing (aka Type S/Type R). Need to get it painted obviously, may wait till next season. Need to buy winter tires first.

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  10. Also, does anyone have experience with Silverstar Ultra's? I'm trying to decide on that vs the Silverstar ZXE's. I had the ZXE's in the G35, and I really liked them until they burnt out, which wasn't very long.
  11. I like the ZXEs better than the Ultras. More of a 5000-5500K color. Seems brighter and seems to put out more light.

    I also like the Putco LED headlamp bulbs for high beam or fog application. Currently running them in my fogs.
  12. Thanks. I can't seem to find a direct comparison between ZXE and Ultra. But I did like my ZXE's before they burnt out. I think I am going to order a pair. As for the putco LED's, wouldn't that just be really bright to look at but not very good for distance?

    Edit: I'd also imagine you'd have to do some wiring and they wouldn't be plug and play?
  13. Factory fogs are about useless on the GenSedan anyway, so yes the Putco LED fogs are just a lot brighter and not much distance.

    Lumen count, the highest end commercial LED bulbs still haven't exceeded good old HID, when comparing same color rating.

    My Putco LEDs are plug and play, they have a small "ballast" and heatsink/fan built into the base and have a short pre-wired tail with the connector to match my factory fog connector.
  14. Hmmm to stay cost efficient for now I may just go with Nokya Hyper Yellows and ZXE's. I think the next step from there, if I really wanted them would be a retrofit HID system with projectors. But those are really pricey. Anyway, I picked up a set of 16" rsx premium wheels with Goodyear Nordic winters on them. Do you guys get these in America? I just noticed on the sidewall it says 'The Goodyear Nordic tire made exclusively for Canadian Tire'.

    They still have a lot of tread and only costed me $450CDN and a tank of gas.

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  15. Picked up a used set of weathertech window rain visors. All I need now is some good floor mats and I'm ready to go for winter/bad weather. I'd order weathertech's, but apparently they don't make a custom fit one for the rsx. They didn't for the G35 either. Too bad, really.

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  16. I love weathertechs, had them on order before I picked up my new toy.

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  17. M5??

    Ya I'm disappointed that they don't make any of the digital fit mats for the car. My brother had them in his Sti. And they were great, though one did warp a little bit. Not sure how or why. Maybe too much hot and cold here.
  18. Yeah :D

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  19. Very nice.. which blue is that?
  20. Congrats! Those are monsters. How are you liking it?

    I just sold the G35 and swapped in the stereo from it into my lowly Honda. I also traded my hazard light button for a red one out of my brothers temporary Civic. A common rsx upgrade, but for $50USD I would have said no... but for free, absolutely!

    edit: thread is starting to screw up again. Next post should make a new thread!

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  21. Haven't posted in some time. Wired in the ARB fridge, and got some parts for a dual battery setup. Also purchased a Warn Zeon 8 winch and I have a new winch bumper on order. Plus I installed a tool box.

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  22. Ordered the Motion Motorsport aluminum underpanel

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