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  1. The new wheels are on

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  2. Oh shit. Panzer is from Edmonchuck? I had no idea. We got hit with 6 inches of snow in kelowna a few days ago. How's Calgary for snow now?
  3. Bone dry and I'm disappointed! I need to practice my fwd drift! I didn't know you were in Kelowna (or I forgot). Is the number one all messed up?
  4. Sorry for the crappy pics. I picked up a dirt cheap, used Injen short ram. It was missing the coupler, mount, and clamps so I had to order those from Injen (it was still dirt cheap in the end). It doesn't do much, but does add a touch more torque at the mid range and a whole lot of fun sound at high rpm. A temporary mod to get me through my naturally aspirated woes.

    Also, the Silverstar ZXE lights are in. I think I made a post about this before but didn't get pictures. They are quite white!

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  5. Yeah the highways were pretty bad through here. But it pretty nice now. Lots of sun. But we've been sitting around -6 during the day soothe snow has hung around
  6. How can you setup a car without knowing how it reacts under certain situations? Just buying the most expensive item in each category does not make your car the best it can be.
  7. slowly building a track car out of a 93 integra rs. these were done last summer, replaced almost all bushings with energy suspension poly and painted most arms red to match while they were off. the front is getting skunk2 camber arms and the rear spherical bearing camber arms. found a killer deal for a set of rebound adjustable coilovers, hopefully theyre not shot, time will tell.

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  8. also had the throttle actuators rebuilt by bba reman for the e92 m3. saved a good 3500 canadian over the stealership quote. theyve been working like a charm since i installed them back in early fall. i dont have any pics of the guts of the actuators anymore but rest assured, the main shaft plastic gear was very worn right around the idle and low throttle area. while there, i changed the coolant temp sensor too, was throwing codes from time to time.

    hard to see the actuators but theyre mounted deep in the vee, where i marked with red. you can see the little push/pull rods that attach to the individual throttle body actuator shaft/rail on one end and go down to attach to the actuator on the other.

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  9. Installed a cold air intake to clear up some space between the intake box and coolant/wiper fluid. Might install a compressor in the new space down the road. Also throw on an aluminum skid plate upfront (can't see it in either picture). Also got a winch bumper for the white truck but never installed it yet due to waiting on getting it powder coated white. Going to mount a Warn Zeon 8 winch in the bumper along with some Rigid SAE/DOT fog lights I have on order.

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  10. There's still so much weight to be shed and more power to be had, then there's the suspension setup that I'll need to properly dial in and eventually install APracing or Brembo big brake kit, so there's still lots to do.
  11. And then you will be disappointed when you are passed on a track by a capable driver in a near stock miata.
  12. The key to being fast on a track is to buy as many parts for your car as possible.

    $$$ = Speed
  13. You have E30 rear suspension. You are never going to go fast.
  14. I don't think I'd need much seat time before I'd start devouring them miatas
  15. No, he'll just never point anyone past. Or once he goes turbo he'll fly on the straights and then slow everyone down in the turns
  16. So, we arere doing a thing..

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  17. Nice. Any goals, or just going to see how it turns out?

    Have people done this setup before?
  18. Fordman. I saw this on the other site. Is that your car you've supercharged or is it the other guy who posted it there?
    How easy would it be to Do the same to my 5.0l?

    Edit: nevermind. Nothing I guess till they crack the 5.0l ECU

    And I re-checked the other site and it's the other guys car.

    What's the estimated price so far?
  19. I'll admit, I have no idea what the thing is.

    Side note: today was sunny out and melted some spots and I guess some froze over again. I did just shy of a full 360 while exiting a ramp going onto our major highway! With studded tires! Luckily the snowbank stopped me otherwise I would have gone in the ditch for sure. I hope this was a one off experience. I am debating throwing sandbags in the back now...
  20. Roots blower for the hyundai TAU V8. They've just recently cracked the ECU for the 4.6 which has been I production since 2009. And have yet to crack the ECU for the 5.0.
    It finally gives us some hope.

    Was your spin in the RSX? I'm having the same issues around the okanagan here. Very icey
  21. Ah yes, I thought I saw something that looked like it could be a supercharger but wasn't sure. Have they been trying to crack the ECU since it came out? I'm surprised if so - didn't Nissan say they wanted uncrackable ECU's for the GTR? That didn't take long (mind you there is a lot more demand for GTR mods than these guys)

    And yep, in the RSX. I miss having near 50/50 weight distribution!I feel like the heavy front end was a big factor in the spin
  22. Yeah. They've been working on them since they came out. The 3.8 V6 they got fairly quick because of the coupe having the same motor. The V-8s don't quite have the following. And it's tough toning someone who wants to cough up the ECU from their brand new genesis sedan. And considering most owners of the sedan are over 50 and are happy with 430hp. I wouldn't mind an extra 70 or so.

    As for the RSX. Yeah they have a bit of a light ass on em. We just got hit with a shit ton of more snow. My wife is deathly afraid to drive my car anywhere because of the ass end coming around

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