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  1. "porn" lights installed. (wood trim with down light accent lights). Gives a nice glow to the rear interior at night when the main light in them goes out (t's on in the picture because the door was open. Normally it's just the dim downlights that are on). These seem to be highly sought after in the E38 community.

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  2. Front skidplate, new Cooper STT Pro tires, and some Method Race wheels.

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  4. Goals: 7 PSI, which should put us conservatively at 535 at the engine.

    We will be the first to do it.
  5. Actually it is my car and the supercharger itself belongs to Tailwalker (Ryan) but I am in possession of it for measurements and mock up.

    I am working with Dereck Generous (Snoopy Panda) who has enough manufacturer contacts to make it a saleable product. He has a 3D printer, access to a CNC machine and has someone that can do phenolic injection molding.

    Dereck wants to put the Tau V8 in the Genesis Coupe, as a swap kit he can sell. Only two other Tau V8 Genesis Coupes exist, the first being Rhys Millen Racing's mid-engine Genesis Coupe, which was sold to a private collector and it has broken down and is currently non-functional. The second one was a joint RMR/Hyundai venture for SEMA, it would start and move under it's own power but was not driveable, as the case with most SEMA cars. The Tau never came with a manual option and both of those cars were manual conversions using the factory ECU, so it was still seeking out a TCU to communicate with, putting it in permanent limp mode. Dereck's finished product will retain the ZF 6HP26 automatic the Tau 4.6 comes with. He wanted a little "something extra" to entice people to start using the Tau and less hacked up LS swaps. So that is where my project and his intermeshed.

    We are intending to do adapters for the 5.0L Tau as well, but until BTR or Dereck cracks the 5.0 ECU and we have a tuning solution, it's a bit of a moot point.

    No estimated price yet, but the supercharger Tailwalker acquired is a brand new unit, and was extremely cheap (In terms of a supercharger).
  6. It's an M122 supercharger packaged with a 4-core air-to-water intercooler on top.
  7. Here is something else you may be interested in, I picked up a 3.727:1 LSD differential from a Genesis Coupe. The Sedan and Coupe share the same differential housing, but the Sedan never got LSD.

    Instead it uses brake force distribution and power/throttle cut to create an "electronic" differential.

    The Sedan and Coupe both use the same TCS/ESC hardware, but the Sedan's programming is more intuitive. Which I can attest to as the Coupe would try to kill you by cutting power at the worst possible moment.

    The 4.6 came with a 3.10:1 differential, so the acceleration difference should be quite noticeable. Your's has 3.53:1 IIRC so you would notice a slight increase in acceleration (Coupe's also came with a 3.53:1 LSD if you don't want to play with the rear gearing).

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  8. Email Matt Farah @TheSmokingTire and let him rip it through a Californian canyon.

    His "One Take" videos are interesting. As it's a first he might be interested
  9. This is definitely something I'd be interested in. If I keep the car. I am looking at trading it in towards a new Jeep srt8
  10. yeah, a "one take" video on this would be great.
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