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  1. Atacama is the best interior color
  2. kinda want a pushbar for the vic
  3. Fianlly installed that 50" Rigid light bar I bought some time ago. I wanted to mount it behind the cab due to it's size. So I got a local fabrication company to build me a light mount. Just need to wire it up, and I'm good to go!
  4. Looks mean, but is it going to do much for you mounted there?
  5. The mounting tabs are adjustable. If i'm stillngetting too much glare I can get them made bigger or get a cab shade made up. Either way this light isn't for driving on the highway but more for lightingnup the trails. Higher is better especially at night since more people hit the trails with atv's and sit way lower. My PIAA's usually blind the heck out of them.
  6. Sounds good. Post a night photo some time showing how much light everything puts out.
  8. Ordered Wedge Engineering seat brackets/rails in for the Recaro's. Hopefully they show up soon.
  9. I like that grille. There are hundreds of modified G's here and that is one I have not seen. Looking good.
  10. Well, my 540 has been done for a while, still have to adjust the trunk lid a little, but otherwise it has been my DD for the last month or so.

    I replaced my leaking radiator, and put in 20psi radiator cap from an E30 325 instead of the stock 30psi cap, which causes 540's cooling components to literally explode when a weak spot develops. Used RedLine's Water Wetter additive with the new coolant, heard good things about it.
    I also replaced all of my power steering hoses, since most of them were leaking.
    Thrust Arm Bushings, and End Links are also new.

    As of now, the car is in good condition and I have been enjoying it a lot.
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    Shitty night time picture, but gives a general idea of the light output.
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    Wow, that light output is impressive.
  14. This week: Picked up a Setrab oil cooler and 5m of braided line today.
    Not bad for $50. Will be put in place of the Celica gbox cooler.

    Last week:
    Picked up a Celica Air2Water intercooler/pump/heat exchanger.
    Found an exhaust leak (Second one on this turbo dump pipe).
    Removed a whole lot of unnecessary vac lines/PCV/Charcoal canister. So much room. Enough for a catch can.
    Fixed a major boost leak with some electrical tape. Won't hold forever, but long enough to tide me over until the new intercooler finds its way in. And then I turned the boost up to 1.2 bar.

    Good times.
  15. Recaro's are in, sort of. I having some fitment issues with the rail from Wedge (it's floating 1'' above the hole on one leg on the passenger side), but they might be making me a new one.

    Anyway, the driver side is awesome. It actually sits about 1.5-2'' lower than oem due to the rail (you can get some places to make you a higher rail if you prefer to match the passenger side/oem seating position). Weights are as follows, bathroom scale minus my own weight:

    OEM + rail driver side (including belt buckle) - 71.6lbs
    Recaro + rail driver side - 41.6lbs
    OEM + rail passenger side (including belt buckle) - 61.2lbs
    Recaro + rail passenger side - 42.6lbs

    Total OEM weight: 132.8lbs
    Total Recaro weight: 84.2lbs
    Total weight savings: 48.6lbs
  16. Brothers STI gets tail light overlays and a Defi boost gauge
  17. boost gage is so tacky
  18. my V70R doesn't even have a boost gauge wtf

    there's literally no good place to mount one, either

    the single-DIN 3-gauge panel is the best solution but it requires a new head unit to open up that space, like what I did in my 850

    I want to sell my V70
  19. Dont those STI's have side curtain airbags where that boost gauge sits? lol
  20. Not unless that instrument binnacle sits *really* close to the a-pillar.

    At any rate, I replaced my passenger side front fender liner. It only took me three tries...probably because I'm an impatient bastard and don't think out the proper order of things. Also, factory pop-in body-clips suck to remove. Also also, the replacement never quite fits as good as the original. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  21. No mods. Whoever owned this 540 before me pretty much trashed its wheels, I'm thinking about plastidipping them but I don't know if I can do that without being too embarrassed to drive it daily, lol. I am going to plastidip my grill though.

    Me and my wife went to Asheville and drove up Blue Ridge Parkway again, took some side roads that were pretty fun. Snapped a couple of pictures. My wife has a decent camera but I suck at taking pictures, so sorry if these pics aren't that good.
  22. Dip them in Anthracite Grey and spray Glossifier over top of it, people won't know it's dipped.
  23. Anthracite Grey is a pretty good idea, I originally wanted to go with something like olive-ish green, it's like a tan-ish green color, I don't know how to describe it, but the closest thing to it that you can get in plastidip is camo green, which I don't like. I think Anthracite Grey is the way I'll go.

    Plastidipped my grill black today. Dipped one wheel in black but didn't like the way it looked so I peeled it. When new tires time comes I'm just going to find a replacement set of wheels with tires already on them, a local junkyard has some 7 spokes right now for 500$. Don't know what kind of condition the tires are, though...

  24. They do, but it's not anywhere near it.
  25. winter 350Z rims are on

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