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  1. Those rims look good on that car. Just put mine on too. Although after putting them on, I gave it a wash and put my car in storage and drove my F150 back home (mazda stays in Michigan at my father's storage building, and I drove the f150 back to Minnesota). I figure I will take the car out now and then during the winter just to keep things running.

    Nice to be back in my old truck again though. Should hit 250k here shortly.

  2. What kind of tires are you running? And yea, they look like a natural fit on the G. Great for winter too, being a 1'' smaller rim than the oem ones. More rubber to smash against curbs than rim! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  3. Blizzaks. Yeah less cringing when going over all the pot holes that pop up over the winter time. I think the car rides smoother/ softer as well which is kind of nice with the extra rubber.
  4. The wheels currently on it are forged 2-piece BMW "Style 19" wheels, manufactured by BBS (in case you didn't know that). Personally I would just get them refurbed, they are great quality and look great on E39s.

    That 540 looks good too, I much prefer the pre-facelift lights to the facelift ones that pretty much every "enthusiast" E39 owner ever changes to. And the hidden tailpipes.
  5. I took some photos a little while ago, then edited them to show what I want it to look like. Lowered about 1" all around, no holes in the sills.

    I have also come to realise that the standard B-series engine is a boat anchor. It's heavy and thirsty, and you to get any margin of performance increase you have to throw some SERIOUS money at it. Like a supercharger. And then you can only get around 140 crank bhp out of it before it starts not working on the street.

    So I'm getting more and more tempted to buy a cheap MX-5 from Great Britain and doing a complete drivetrain swap. I'll get a 1.8L twin cam 16V engine with around 130bhp stock, easily tunable if I grow restless. Also a snickety 5-speed gearbox instead of 4 + overdrive (although the overdrive is charming). Better fuel economy too, and more useable (no having to wait for the carbs to warm up). The MX-5 engine is supposedly a very easy swap, the dimensions work really well, throttle linkage works, etc. I just need some more money and a place to do it. And I have to try to get it approved by the car governing body (that will be the worst bit I'm sure).
  6. add an lpg tank.
  7. Why? That will take too much space (and it'll still be too slow).
  8. better fuel economy.

    who needs a fast car anyway. were not 18 year olds anymore.
  9. I still miss my fast car sometimes.
  10. I want my "sports car" to be able to overtake without any fuss, whenever & wherever. It struggles currently. I am spoiled with the BMW E30 which you drop down into 3rd and it just jumps forward. I'm not a "speed freak" and I never have been (not even at 18). I'm not all that worried about the fuel economy (certainly not enough to install LPG), but it would be a nice bonus. It's mostly just to make the car more usable and livable. Currently I prefer using other cars for just going down to the shops because the carburetors splutter in the first 5 minutes of driving. At 100km/h it sits at 3000rpm, which is a little tedious. And it's slow, the engine is heavy, uses oil, requires tinkering with the timing and carburetors, etc. The B-series engine was first produced in 1954, and you can tell.

    It's not like the car is original or rare or really that special. If I can do an engine swap cheaply and get it to work well I see no reason why I should not.
  11. Arch your car is so good looking. I never even heard of it before until you put up a post about it awhile back.
  12. Oh no bro, don't get me wrong, I love these wheels, I'm either getting them refurbished or picking up a set exactly like it. I was only thinking of plastipping temporarily because they're really beat up.

    I agree on the angel eyes thing, everyone does it, I just want to upgrade to the lens headlights that all 2000 540s had, before they switched to angel headlights. The stock 98 lights are pretty dim.
  13. what are the stats on that 4.0v8
  14. Are you asking about my car? It's a 4.4L with 282hp, and 324lb of torque. Early (97-98), non-VANOS 4.4s were underrated, people dyno at 260-270whp, which would put the crank(manufacturer advertised) output closer to 300hp. The E34 (1989-95) had a 4.0L, its specs are similar to the 4.4L but the E39s (1997-2003) were significantly faster.
  15. Those things actually sound great! A friend has one. Tunnel blasts are great fun.
  16. I'd have to agree, but I do understand the desire for more power. Not even on a fast level, but just ore usable. My RSX (Integra) was just gutless unless at 6000rpm. At least it was able to do lower rpms at highway though (the car was geared great for city driving).

    A MX5 might be alot of fun! No need for immense power, it's so light! I wouldn't bother swapping the engine out of your current car unless it's a commons swap and parts are made readily available for that chasis/engine combo. When I had my 240SX I had an SR20 put in designed for the next generation chasis, and that was a real pain when it came to getting parts.

    edit: could you just do a manual transmission swap instead?
  17. I can't wait to get rid of my Y-Pipe to open it up a little.
  18. Was that... a Cavelier?
  19. New shocks arrived. The winter buildup of parts has begun and when the car is taken out this spring, there will be a long install weekend. No more POS under-damped rear end to worry about.
  20. very decent
  21. Are you running the oem springs still?
  22. Interestingly enough, Bilstein does not make a Mazdaspeed specific shock, only shocks for the normal 3. The Bilstein B8 (sport) shocks are designed for normal Mazda 3's with a half inch drop, which is pretty much where the Mazdaspeed 3 sits. SInce the OEM springs are shorter and more stiff, I've read that the OEM spring and these shocks work very well together on the MS3 so I will leave them OEM.

  23. some goober put Bilsteins on my car and now the front end is way too high
  24. Pre-runner volvo?

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