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  1. Let us know how it goes, though I guess you won't be driving it much for a while. I've blown way too many struts on aftermarket springs so I'm glad you did your research first
  2. I will report back as soon as they are in. Can't wait to bring it to the track, the OEM dampers are borderline dangerous going fast over inperfections in the road.
  3. The first gen speed3 I drove had H&R springs on it, not sure if it was still on oem struts but it was really sharp. It would have been a blast on the track, save for the torque steer. It sure was low though. Real easy to scrape the widened 3'' exhaust on it over speed bumps
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    My car with the Y-Pipe delete and a cheap SRI. I'm going to record another video of me actually driving in a little bit, this video was shot with the car still on jack stands.

    Sorry for the horrible vid quality, recorded with my phone.
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    Some vids of it actually being driven,

    Very short, but good sound:
    A longer video:

    Overall, I'm super happy with it, the car sounds awesome, those videos don't do it justice. It sounds even better when you stand behind it and it drives away, only a fraction is heard inside. Another awesome thing is that it's not obnoxiously loud and on the highway, in 6th gear, it's as quiet as it used to be.
  6. I'm #$%#ing BORED so I ordered like 5 different wiring harnesses so I can install my Alpine receiver that's been gathering dust

    not sure if I'm going to mod my current car or not. probably not
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    Sounds just like my friends! Is it a single or dual exhaust? Just trying to make sense of it, and where the Y pipe used to be
  8. It's a single. I've been cruising just to hear it roar, lol.

    The Y-Pipe is as pictured, I have it and the rear canister removed.
  9. Ordered custom engraved pedals
  11. they look heavy

    should have carbon fiber instead
  12. I like them. I am considering changing the oem ones out on the G35. They look great, but the rubber is getting thin and when I have a wet shoe I always slip off the clutch and it really squeaks
  13. This is just rice
  14. I wasn't concerned about weight saving with these pedals, it was about aesthetics and functionality for me.
  15. functionality

    they look like they'll function as pedals, yes
  16. Lol. Nice momo pedals
  17. From the thumbnail, I knew it was a picture he posted.

    THESE are "functional" pedals.
  18. Custom made?
    They look like they are based of a Tilton pedalbox
  19. Not custom made, but it is a Tilton pedalbox.
  20. Oh right. Where they for your build?
    Getting pretty excited for a new build I'm 90% set on doing
  21. Lol. You are such a knob.
  22. Installed the pedals
  23. Do you even drive your car?
  24. lol
  25. I drive it mainly on the weekends if the weather is nice. I average about 2500 miles a year.

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