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  1. So, no then.
  2. lol
  3. heres a mod
  4. lol fkin love that pic.
  5. Picked up an E90 328i, Jet Black on black Dakota leather. Cold weather package, bi-xenon adaptive headlights, navigation with iDrive, HiFi sound system (Not Harman-Kardon).
  6. Kinda jealous. Do something with the rims though, the stock ones you usually see on 328s look hilariously tiny nowdays.
  7. Agreed. Want the 19" CSLs.
  8. Keeping the Genesis?
  9. Pull a 944turb0 with the hyundai
    There is probably a special on blocks atm
  10. No. Even if they fix it, I'm selling it.
  11. Congrats bro! Looks sharp!
  12. what happened?? Congrats on the new car though, I'm very curious to see how you progress with it
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  14. Installed new Rouge Engineering 15mm hubcentric spacers to get the stock wheels to sit more flush with the fenders. This is just a temporary solution until I order proper fitting custom wheels.
  15. Raging Balls has a sweet ride.
  16. it's a shame it's driven by a twat
  17. My catalytic converters collapsed and melted inside their housings, choking the car in turn. It's a common 540 issue. Replacement cats for E39 are pricey, so I paid a friend of mine to just straight pipe the car, to keep the CEL off I used J Bung O2 extenders. My car runs cooler temperatures, is way more responsive, and there is definitely a power gain. Pretty happy so far.

    I also replaced my front struts, top mounts, and strut bearings. I used KYB struts, they're on the cheaper side, but not the cheapest. Not as stiff as Bilsteins, but not soft like Monroes or some bottom line struts. Night and day difference compared to my OEM struts which had 123k miles on them.
  18. I'll give you 500 dollars for it.
  19. I'll give him $501 for it.
  20. you cleaver bastard
  21. First mod to the E90, updated the nav maps to 2014.

    Already itching to replace the CCC with CIC.
  22. What's a CCC and why is a CIC better? Also, what's a CIC?
  23. Essentially its the I drive/Nav that Clarkson loathes. CIC has 80gb internal storage and apps. CCC is DVD based with no storage and no apps. Plus CIC has an HD screen.
  24. LOL at raging balls license plate.

    what a douche

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