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  2. Nothing yet. From what I could gather the person driving the car had borrowed it from a friend or cousin, named driver on the police report and named driver on the insurance don't match at all. Her insurance also asked me to clarify the name of the driver.

    Presently still waiting for the #%[email protected] to return State Farm's phone calls, they are giving her 14 business days to reply so she can give her side of the story. If she does not, they will conclude with my statement and the police report.

    Once they conclude they will come appraise the damage and let me know if it is totalled or not.
  3. what a shit show. When was the accident?
  4. 10/21/2013
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    Going to be ordering rear struts, top mounts, and bearings. On top of that engine/tranny mounts, and rear end links. My goal is to basically restore this car to its brand new condition.

    The engine runs well, but has a few oil leaks that I will be addressing shortly. Performance wise, my car is de-catted, and has a cheap intake. I want to get a Dinan high flow MAF, and an ECU tune. VAC camshafts would be awesome but they're super pricey:

    This would be glorious: - A fully built, 600hp, NA M62. I love NA engines.

    I "raced" my friend's 14 IS350 F Sport, he was behind me and we just floored it, and I was actually pulling away from him. Wonder how it'd go if we were side by side.

    *typical BMW owner sign out*
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    'Coupon CyberMonday13 has been activated!

    Your discount is:
    All products are 10% off.'

    Still ballin.
  7. Insurance company called me today, they are assuming liability for the accident (I guess the insured never returned their calls). Adjuster will be out Thursday to inspect the car.

    Need to recharge the battery, it went flat since it has set.
  8. First real test of the winter tires today. Not bad, feels like my old 240. Just a much much wider car which makes it a bit harder to maneuver. Mind you the traction control is broken.

    Will take my brothers STI out tomorrow.
  9. I was thinking of getting winters (aka studded AT's) but nah. I'm still driving around with mudders. 4X4 + stick shift + no traction control is so much fun.
  10. You get hit hard with the snow up there? You can't tell in the pic, but the STI has snow going higher than the hood on the other side.

    Also, stupidly I filled up the washer fluid but didn't completely shut the hood. When I popped the hood to look for the block heater cable, the engine was covered in snow. I fished out what I could. Tomorrow I'll be parking in heated underground for 7 hours...hope that will fix it...
  11. 40cm in November. Finally caught up to residential plowing and we got another 20cm today. Probably another 10-20cm tomorrow. I got called in today on my day off to work a 12 hour shift plowing/sanding. It's really windy, so snow is just flying everywhere.
  12. I haven't seen snow like that since my family moved to USA.
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    I'm kind of the same attitude as well, though I am torn whether to Koni FSDs and BMW performance springs or KW Street Comfort coilovers. From what I've read, those KWs are more controlled/flat cornering, while being more comfortable than OE. The FSDs, I've read, are as stiff as Bilsteins when driving aggressively and as smooth as OE when cruising. I do want to upgrade the control arms to the OEM M3 arms.
  14. I don't know much about the KWs, but on the 5 series, I've read that some feel like Konis are too soft for the heavy E39. I don't know if it's even the FSDs that are in question when it comes to that. I feel like the stock E90 ride is a pretty good balance between fun and comfort, and if the KWs really do behave the way people say they do, I'd probably go with them. You get an adjustable drop and get to maintain your comfortable/fun ride.

    I'd love them for my car but they are close to 2k for the E39. At this point I can't justify dropping that much money on coilovers when there are other areas that I need to focus on. Which is why I decided to just get some decent shocks for now.
  15. Get the KW's and never be disappointed. You will never buy another brand again.
  16. Just finished up a meth injection system and new "stealth" matte black paint job on my 92 Daytona IROC R/T.
    Next up is a tranny rebuild.
  17. Today I am doing some red accents under the hood of my SRT-10.
  18. what made you choose the SRT-10 over something like, say, a Lightning?
  19. Judging by the fact that the other car he owns is a Chrysler, I'm guessing brand loyalty. TBH, the SRT-10 is what I'd choose if I wanted a hot-rod truck. They're surprisingly cheap for something that...over-the-top.
  20. Corrected swirl marks on the trunk lid and rear bumper today. Used 3M Perfect It clay, Meguiar's DA Paint Correction compound and cutting pad, Chemical Guys Blacklight and Poorboy's Natty Blue wax.

    Also, not pictured, my jack pad adapter from ECS Tuning arrived today. Just in time to change my oil (Even though the iDrive says it's not due until November 2015).
  21. always love a nicely polished and waxed black paint
  22. Basically I bought it on a whim...I had just sold 2 of my cars, and had a wad of cash burning a hole in my pocket. I stopped by a Dodge dealership and was looking at Charger SRT8s and Challengers, and the SRT-10 was sitting there looking pretty mean. I got a really good deal on it, so the rest is history. I never even thought about owning one, but I sure am glad I picked it up. I like Lightnings, though. I have a couple of friends who have them, and a couple of years ago I worked on one for a customer.
  23. I have been messing with Mopars the last few years, but I'm not only into Mopars. But I am strictly an American car guy. At the moment I have a Ford Ranger, Chevy Cavalier, Dodge SRT-10 Ram, and Dodge Daytona IROC R/T. I bought the SRT-10 on a whim, as I posted in my replay to Veyronman. But I do agree with you that they are over the top and can be had for a nice price. I'm really digging mine, and have big plans for it.
  24. Gotta ask shout outs for my Daytona? Usually when I put up picts of it and it's engine I at least get a few "WTFs???" lol
  25. Getting ready to put this big, red, monster on my SRT-10

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