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  1. There was a guy locally here that had a snow blade on his early 89 chevy sprint turbo. It was hilarious. But he said he used it all the time to get in and out of parking spots and driveways. Mainly getting through the windrow from the plow trucks.
  2. Got the M5 tuned. Somewhere between a custom tune and a canned tune I guess, sent the tuner the few mods I had done, he sent me the tablet and had me do a few runs with data logging, and sent everything back to me. Quoted gains and third party testing has shown ~30whp with my exhaust (should be in the 450whp range now), also removes the 165mph limiter, and raises redline to 8,500 rpm, as well as a few other little coding options I chose.

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  3. 8500rpm?? I need to hear this.
  4. Probably won't get any vids til March or April. Snow tires, crap weather (haven't seen the sun in over a week), and working 6 days a week right now.
  5. Driver mod doing my first Auto-X, and my first winter driving event at Road America. It was a lot of fun, and learned A LOT about how the FWD platform handles. Attached is my best time for the slalom and auto-x, along with everyone else.

    I left the event more convinced I need AWD if I keep living in Minnesota.

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  6. I also want to hear that redline video when the time is right
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  7. Lmao Explorer Sport, Willys, and Dodge Ram. I love seeing random ass cars at those things. Like a real life Forza.
  8. Enkei made these wheels for GM, and GM offered these wheels as the 18" OEM wheels for the "sport" models (Xtreme, ZQ8). They can be hard to find, but I found a set. Ended up having them sprayed with Scorpion bed liner, and went with a BMW Sepang Bronze colour mix. I had them installed today, and they sit an inch closer then the aftermarket wheels. Almost flush with the fender, they stick out just a tiny bit.

  9. ^ looks good. All the oem Honda Enkei's I've had for some reason all start to corrode and peel. Any issues with that at all for those?
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    Question: How bad do they salt/melt the snow in Minnesota, and how has the Speed3 held up rust wise? Just about every 1st gen 3 (and Protege) I see here in Alberta is literally falling apart from rust. These are non MS3's but I can't see them being any different, other than the owner actually taking care of the car and washing/waxing it. The 2nd gen 3's and MS3's seem to be alright but I have seen some posts on forums that make me question whether Mazda fixed the issue or not. I personally would avoid 1st gen's here in Canada at all costs, but the 2nd gens are really falling in price and have me wondering...

  11. This set was the only set I have seen with some (minor) paint peeling. The truck they were on was also written off, so that probably made a difference.
  12. My 5 year old car has no body rust except for a tiny pencil tip sized surface rust from where a rock chipped off some paint. I will see how that develops before I get it fixed (if needed). Gen 1's are horrendous rust buckets. It looks like Mazda fixed the issues on the Gen 2's, I haven't seen any failing body panels yet. I drive 40 miles everyday on the highway on a LOT of salt/water mixed roads so my car is constantly caked in dry salt after the car sits during work and drys. I wash once a weekish with underbody spray and everything looks well sorted underneath the car and on the fenders.

    So, I wouldn't stress about the Gen 2's even if you drive in a lot of salt covered roads. From my personal experience, and from what I have seen and read, Mazda sealed up the fender wells much better than the Gen 1's.
  13. Thanks for your reply! The first gens I definitely worry about here. I did drive a lightly modified one and it was good fun (my arms felt like jelly afterwards and that was just driving it in a straight line)! I've been eyeballing the 2nd gens since they've been dropping in price, and the Civic has got some bad rust that needs attending to on one of the quarter panels. I'm beginning to wonder if it's becoming too much of a project car for me at this time - on the other hand, I'm so close to boosting the Civic that it would be a shame to stop now. Maybe one day, when I have the room for two cars I'd sell the Civic and pickup a 2nd gen MS3 as a daily. The idea of a four door, already boosted hatch is very appealing. Just wish they had a sunroof option.
  14. The Mazda has treated me really well in pretty much every category. If you seriously consider a Speed3 at some point, make sure to get a Gen2. Gen2's have updated ECU and piston design to prevent the infamous block venting the first generation had. Plus as discussed, it won't turn to dust after one winter :p
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    Had a bracket fabricated for my sPOD unit and installed it. I also threw my rotopax and tent back on the truck. Also installed some Cooper STT Pro tires
  16. Havent done anything to my car in about 3 or 4 years.
    Just replaced timing belt, flushed radiator, and re-tuned the Power FC.

    175rwkw/235rwhp and weighing 1350kg/2976lbs, basically makes that the same power to weight ratio as a Nismo 370z.
    Will be picking up the car and paperwork tomorrow. :D
  17. [​IMG]

    putting into terms..
    205rwkw/276rwhp (roughly 270kw and 362hp)
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  18. Found a set of these basically new for a "deal".

    Folks, if you enjoying modding and tinkering with your car, and aren't a billionaire, don't buy a BMW M car. Friggin intake system is $1,480 new retail.
  19. ^yikes, but those look like some high quality goods!
  20. Big updates! I'll do it in jot notes:

    - while getting a valve adjustment made, a super worn out camshaft was discovered
    - purchased a used long block to take its camshaft, and sell the long block
    - new (used) camshaft installed
    - debated timing chain replacement, 150k km's on car, preferred to get my use out of the old chain
    - timing chain snaps the next day = everything is dead
    - K20Z1 motor (05 RSX Type S, 90k km's on it) aquired and installed (kept stock 5 speed)
    - Hondata ECU, new timing chain (lol), spark plugs, water pump, Exeddy Stage 1 clutch and Exeddy flywheel installed at swap
    - I also installed K Tuned alluminum shifter bushings and a K Tuned Derlin shift knob just before the timing chain failure (great combo for this car!)
    - With the Hondata canned tune (Injen short ram is the only mod), the VTEC engagement went from 6000rpm to 4400rpm, and the red line went from 8000rpm to 8500rpm. My tachometer is not large enough! It ends at 8000rpm.

    DSC_1602.jpg DSC_1614.jpg 170224_150303.png View attachment 767318 DSC_1589.jpg
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  21. I've never driven one of those Civics, or anything with a dash-mounted shifter like that. I know those gearboxes are praised to no end for how incredible they feel, but does it take some time getting used to? Just looks so weird.
  22. It definitely takes a bit of time to get used to. Many people are turned off by it right away on their first drives. When I first drove it, I think I was more concerned with entire cars old school feel, and the shifter was making things a little weird. It wasn't that it was hard to operate, but rather I'd have no idea what gear I was in when just looking at it. I'm used to being to eyeball it down low, and now with it being up top I'd often second guess myself. After a while though, I got pretty addicted to it. I ended up buying a shifter extension for my RSX/Integra as a result and really liked that too. The advantage isn't so much that it's quick to shift, though it is, but more important is that it's very quick to get your hands back on the steering wheel after a shift. I can see why it's popular for rally applications. I'm used to coupes where the shifter sits up higher than a sedan, so once you get used to it being even higher up it just feels natural. There are many comparisons to the S2000 shifter, though I've never driven one myself.

    Now that I've lowered the seating position with the Recaro's, slimmed down the shift knob, replaced the shifter bushings with aluminum units, and added transmission mount inserts, I'm liking it even more. I'm struggling to think of a better shifting car I've driven.
  23. Warm weather is here! Now on 17 x 7" Work Emotion CR Kai's, +43, on Toyo DRB, 225/45/17



  24. :D


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