Post your sunnies

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Archaeopteryx, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Or your shiites.

    No but seriously though. Your sunglasses.

    I have two good ones (and like 10 throwaway ones).

    Carrera Machu V48yy's in "Havana" colour:

    Persol 714s in brown tortoise-shell with brown polarised lenses:
  2. [​IMG]
    have them for like 5 years now. dropped them a lot, no scratch. they're good.
  3. i have the cheap 5$ version of this
    pair I have is tortoiseshell, i either bought it at the beach in santa cruz or at the last outside lands i went to
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  4. i have these
    there good
  5. Dillon's

  6. Got the same pair. Also got Serengeti Drivers sunglasses.
    Edit: Had both for more than 30 years. Especially like the Serengeti.
  7. they're safety glasses
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  8. Pic of my sunnies. DSC07942.JPG
  9. Don't be hatin' cus I'm stylin' on you suckas

    Cus Murika! (made in China)
  10. I just have shitty ones that I get at the convenience store or grocery store for like $10. Because I lose them constantly.
  11. This. I either lose them or I wear them out on ATVs and they're basically useless for anything else after that.
  12. I used to lose my cheap and cheerful ones instantly as well. Then I bought the Carreras and I have held on to them without any issues for five or so years. At least in my case, I take much better care of the expensive ones.

    And you should make sure your cheap ones still have UV blocking. Otherwise you are exposing your eyes to a whole lot of that ultraviolence (more so than when not wearing sunglasses because your pupils dilate more).

    And no Oakley's posted so far? We are a bunch of classy mother$%#&ers.
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  13. Not the same, you have wayfarer, i have caribbean. Almost looks the same though.
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  14. I laughed at ultraviolence. I laughed even more when my cell phones autocorrect suggested Hezbollah as I typed ultraviolence.
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  15. that auto correct is based on your past typings
    you have been flagged
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  16. Headed in to work this mornin. These are old, starting to deteriorate around the edge

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  17. I don't need sun glass.

    Sun rays very bright- I squint. Spend sun glass money to buy cigarette.

    Or maybe America person buy expensive sun glass to look like movie boss, to impregnate many woman. Here unsoft truth, impregnate only own hand. I spend sun glass money to buy prostitute.
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  18. its so sad stangman misplaced his fitovers
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  19. I don't need any fitovers!!!:mad::mad::mad:
  20. seems like everyone wears the same type of sunglasses?
    the first post has some interesting looking ones but im glad my liquor store sunglasses are still fashionable
  21. It looks like Oakley still does crazy designs

    If I did wakeboarding or something I'd probably have these because those guys wear stupid glasses like that
  22. if I see any non-xtreme person wearing those I have less respect for them. because they must be clueless
    probably tuck them into the back of their shirt when they go indoors, or rotate them to the back of their head

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