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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. So this is what I'm gonna be doing now...
  2. Got the new Curve, btw.
  3. hows the clitoris working out for you?
  4. you mean a crackberry?
  5. another self-created need.
  6. #$%#in wit ESP cus hes in his twenties
    wit a little bitta gold and blackberries
  7. got a blackberry a few months ago. It has ruined my life by allowing me to check my email at all times, which results in me typing emails while I drive, walk, eat, etc. Also, now I never need to remember to forget things because I synced my calender up with my phone, so it goes everywhere I go. So, when I forget to do stuff, it buzzes at me, and I think I'm getting a message, and its disappointing because i have to go to class or some boring meeting.

    I can never go back now.
  8. what does that mean?
  9. Haha yes, I went through this before. Smartphones ruin your life.
  10. my flatm8 like just told me he was going to buy a blackberry

  11. work gave me one. Slave to the man
  12. Also I have on-going, elaborate sexual fantasies involving myself and the hot janitor. Yes, we have a hot janitor.
  13. nobody really needs one, it just kind of makes itself a need

    like GC, faecbooks, myspace, chee-tohs, etc.
  14. its not like smartphones are only for business people now a days... I certainly dont regret buying one; the amount of entertainment that alone provides is worth it. Not to mention GPS, email, and portable media and these things become a damn bargain.
  15. yeah but it is now part of your life: a self-created need.

  16. I'm the same with my ipod touch, but because it's only an music player, I can leave it home and not feel guilty.

    Feels good man.
  17. you wastin time with him bro
  18. lol u lyin
    or is she mexican?
  19. Hmm ok.

    But in that respect, so are things like television, personal computers, internet, even personal transport.

    Eventually all phones will be "smart" and having a phone without internet connectivity will restrict you in ways we probably dont even know yet.

    I really do believe that smart phones are the precursors to the next big jump in personal computing. The processing and storage power of these things rival PCs of just 8 years ago. Its not a stretch to imagine one of these replacing a PC in similar fashion to the mac mini. Just hook it up to a monitor and input devices and you're good to go.
  20. you know that this post requires pics, right?
  21. I already have a computer interfaced and implanted in my brain connected with wifi, and powered by my own bio electricity. I'm posting from with my mind and I have the complete library of congress for exams.
  22. Yeah, they are (TV, www, etc) self-created needs, I agree.

    I'm just saying it fits the definition.

    Nobody really needs any of that, but we think we do.

    I don't have anything against you having one. It was just an observation.
  23. I was thinking about activating the internet on my blackberry. Not sure if its worth the cost or not.
  24. another self created need.
  25. don't make me travel through time and kill your parents. I can do that

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