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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Enigma Lips, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I loled
  2. Man is that a joke, or do you actually know that I live in Waterloo and 80% of my friends work(ed) for RIM.
  3. I recently bought the most technologically un-advanced phone I could find. It has no camera, it does not play games. It is not an MP3 player, and it does not connect me to my 5 Favs. It is capable of some internet access, but I immediately disabled that feature. It will make and receive calls. It can text too, but I don't respond to texts, they're stupid. I wish it had one of those old gameboy type displays, these fancy colours do nothing but waste battery life.
  4. Not really at all. I've found the internet good for starting searches on things, but the internet doesn't ever come close to being 1/10th as good as a library.
  5. ya man, any real academic or scholarly work is usually done in the library with actual books and scholarly journal articles (which are online but whatever)
  6. I kinda want one but Im broke
  7. oh the schools around here all post assignments and things like that on the internet. Everything is over email and such.
  8. Smartphones are great, but ya they can become a self-created need if you let it.
  9. I posted a couple times here on a PSP.
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  11. Excuse me.
    Would you STOP posting my facebook photos here please?
  12. They have pretty nice looking hardware now, but they do need a good amount of work when it comes to user friendly interfaces, since that's where they fall behind the iPhone. That plus the click-screen is crappier than the iPhone touch screen.
  13. O hai guis. I'm back on this thing. I can totally watch tv on this too. This already is turning into a crack rock
  14. O hai guis. I'm back on this thing. I can totally watch tv on this too. This already is turning into a crack rock
  15. Anything beyond a cave, potatoes, and the occasional raw bunny is a "self-created need" as well. As such, I still find smartphones to be pretty useful at time, and like having one. I recently went from a Treo 700W to a Blackberry Curve myself. Lighter, smaller and a bit more capability than the Treo. It certainly doen't rule my life, but it's damn handy on occasion.
  16. you have the curve 8900 on Tmobile (USA)? i have the curve 8900 on Rogers (canada)
  17. lol post
  18. Push e-mail is amazing. I don't think I can ever live without it again. Do any smartphones other than Blackberrys support true push e-mail?
  19. the funny thing is, this actually takes a lot more effort to go out and find than it does to just get a phone like everyone else.
  20. iPhone
  21. I've posted a few times from my Instinct, fun fun. Got it mostly for email capabilities and games to play during boring ecommerce classes.
  22. iPhone supports fake push e-mail (15minute pull), and real push from Yahoo

    real push is when you get an e-mail, it instantly sends it to your Blackberry. fake push is your smartphone checking your inbox every 15 minutes.
  23. if i could post on here with my phone id have 300k posts
  24. This forum is surprisingly friendly to smartphones too. Even when I set my browser to page view (normal pc-style view) I generally don't have to horizontally scroll because the layout will adjust to the resolution size.

    On many other sites, column view is better since it eliminates horizontal scrolling, but breaks the layout of the page.
  25. I have a BB Bold and I love everything about it except for the track ball. While in like 99% of cases, the track ball rocks, esp. for web browsing, sometimes it gets like "stuck" and it is just a major pain in the ass. Mine is doing this thing where it doesn't scroll up, i feel like somethings stuck in it. Either way, it's #$%#ing pissing me off. Scrolling through hella text messages or text lines is ridiculous.

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