Posting Pictures of Japanese Emperor Limousine.

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  1. Toyota 1967 Century, 1997 Century, 1965 Nissan President, 1973 Nissan President, 1989 Nissan President, and Today Limousine(only known made by Toyota but not openly sale...)

    Of course, cannot be compared with contemporary Rolls or Mercedes S-Class,... but you could understand the progress of Japanese automobile history by these pics.
  2. First one is sexy.
  3. They all look awesome. I seriously love the side mirrors up above the fenderwells.
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  5. i thought Toyota made them
  6. Never heard of the Nissan?!?

    edit -- wait, wha, is that the Q?
  7. Once export version of Nissan President = Infinti Q45.
  8. What's up with the Infiniti parts? BTW, they do rock.
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  10. nice to know he sorta liked the american car style before switching to more of a mercedes look.
  11. I love those Soviet limos (Zils, etc.): too bad they drive German cars now (heracy!!!)
  12. I had seen the nissan, because it's an official car for non-block conference meeting. For the toyota, I heard they put 2JZ-GE enigne.
  13. Could anyone inform me about this, because I can't find information whatsoever very well yet; but Toyota actually still (or again?) builds an oldskool looking Crown?
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    Yes, the Crown Sedan and Crown Comfort

    And the current Emperor mobile is the Toyota Century Royal
  15. What a U.S. Lexus should look like.
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    That is so incredibly sweet! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  17. WTF, that 5th pic is a bloody Hyundai Equus. A Korean domestic model. You sure the emperor rides in a hyundai? If so, thats fairly astonishing. Unlikely though, a Hyundai Equus is hardly a match for a hybrid Lexus LS.
  18. interesting stuff

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