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  1. basically the app equivalent of a slot machine(that exploits reward systems in your brain) that pays out nothing and costs nothing
    except your time
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  2. vman hug

    id agree that you should take a break from the pot, because i sometimes get these feelings or get into a negative spiral if im in the wrong mood. i can usually push those thoughts away. but if you are having trouble doing that, id say be clear headed for a while. but youll need to do something to fill the time. join the gym or something. Your body reacts positively to being stressed by exercise, and your brain chemistry does too (from everything ive heard and experienced)

    also I hate hearing stuff about people my age saying they are 'so far behind'
    stop comparing yourself to the projections you put on other people!
    we see a guy driving a late model bmw and wonder why our car is a piece of shit.
    that guy is sitting in his car wondering why he took on that car loan for this car that he uses to drive to work to pay for his car that he uses to drive to work that he uses
    and so on

    other peoples lives are never as perfect as we imagine from the outside, just work on improving yours! youre still fucking young
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  3. The way I see it is; it could always be worse. Plenty of people keep living life even after suffering really fucked up things.
  4. Hi SuperSonic. Any new videos?

    Quitting weed sounds like a good idea for you. Depression & spliff isn't a good combo and it really does **** with your short-term memory and attention span. If I were you, I wouldn't drink much either for now.

    Having experienced many similar thoughts, and having witnessed some people become alcoholics/drug addicts, my personal view is that quite a bit of substance abuse stems from untreated mental health issues. Just an anecdotal observation, nothing more.

    I'd find a good professional (might take some time) and spend the money previously spent on drugs to fix your head. Being content is quite nice, and it makes that occasional beer or spliff taste much better.
  5. **** that. Go throw money at some hot ass tops... or bottoms.. or whatever you're into.

    Lol jaykay
  6. Because you're a reefer-smoking communist!

    The person next to you can afford the BMW because he works hard and is a winner.
  7. Plenty of people who never made mistakes or experienced anything fucked up are also boring af. You know, the kind of person who never said "no" to his/her/apache parents.
  8. Those also tend to be the ones that go overboard with shit and off themselves because their high school math final was too hard and Jimmy asked another girl to prom.
    I've had some messed up stuff happen. Put me in a gun to the head, knife to the wrist mentality. Then I realized that sure what happened was messed up, but not 'got molested by my dad after he sliced my mom into pieces and fed her to me and set the house on fire giving me 3rd degree burns on 1/2 my body' messed up. I've adopted a '**** it and move on' mentality. If shit happens, can't change it. Just move on and appreciate what you do have. Or get hooters and blow. That works too.
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  9. So who molested you?
  10. i know you meant hookers but its funny to imagine you eating disgusting hooters wings and doing coke
    thats some white trash therapy
  11. right
    i wouldnt neccessarily blame the pot, because if you quit that youd probably just drink more? or worse?
    but its not helping, its self medicating, and its not helping
    go find a fit friend and ask him to be gym buddies
    workouts can be a positive addiction
  12. You offering?
    Eating dem wangs like
  13. You should move to Philippines
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  14. I'm sure you remember the Skype calls back in 2009 or so. That was the start really. A few months later that stopped and had to move back home. I was at my lowest ebb but I'd started smoking weed. It took the edge off and made it easier for me to just function and seem happy. A couple of years down the line and it had become a daily thing but by that time it felt too difficult to just say no to (partly because I'd moved back out by then and just had some bullshit dead end job that I could do in my sleep). Now the stakes are higher. I have a proper job with prospects, and I need to start being an adult about it all, but whenever I tell myself I won't and I inevitably cave It makes me feel so inadequate compared to a few years ago when nothing mattered, it's just that spiral of guilt and this constant stress I put myself under. I don't really talk about myself positively any more. The lack of self-esteem makes me feel stupid, too. What I'm saying in short is that I hate myself and it feels never ending.

    I agree entirely with the mental illness thing.

    I think about the issue of comparing myself to others quite a lot. I'd say I'm a very self-aware person, and with that I'm aware that I need to just concentrate on myself and not look elsewhere for something to gauge "how I'm doing" and I think I do a good job at that generally. There's a problem, in that, when I get in deep and start trying to work out how much money I've spent on weed in the last 5 years, I then think back on all the times when I lived hand to mouth and I really shouldn't have had to. I start thinking about how I could be well on the way to a deposit for a house by now. It feels like I'm competing with myself more than anything. The perennial underachiever. My school reports were pretty predictable. "Potential" "needs to apply himself". Still haven't learned.

    Thinking about things like this just serve to make me feel worse. Shit, if they can survive that, then why the **** can't I figure out this minor shit that's killing me inside? Demotivational, at best. I get it, but for me it doesn't work.

    I don't drink much any more. I probably get drunk 2 or 3 times a year. Probably have alcohol twice a month, and generally only one beer or one glass of wine

    Self medicating reminds me. I lived with my sister a few years ago and thinking back I was such a fucking twat and I really should apologise properly. Anyway typical stoner smokes in his room all evening, weirdo stoner friend round all the time making noise. Basically it became too much for my sister coming home smelling weed every day, so she told on me! Mum and stepdad came round and called me downstairs for a bollocking, however sister hadn't explained why mum needed to be there, so she had basically forced me to tell my mum that I'd been smoking weed in the house all the time. The look on her face was one of pure rage, but she kept it together, told us both off for being grown adults acting like petulant children, then pointed at me and simply said "stop self medicating". Nothing else has ever been said about it.

    mum always knows.
  15. Sorry for hijacking this thread
  16. this is the best and most real thread in a while

    seems like youre attacking these issues with a negative mind set, focusing on what you havent done
    when there are hundreds of things you could do today that would improve your outlook
    anyone can look back and see the margin between what they did and what they could have done
    its important not to let that keep you from your future. i dont have a ton of experience with depression and i know how useless 'cheer up' is, but i dont know what else to say

    looking back on my short adult life at the times when ive been up and the times ive been down, the take away is Momentum
    when i finally go 'wtf am i doing' its after a long period of momentum: a habit of making the lazy, easy choices.
    yea eat that shit food, no dont work out, no dont put effort into that relationship, **** off at school, **** off at work

    then i have that wtf am i doing moment

    and you have to (to steal joe rogans metaphor) crank the wheel and get this million ton battleship with years of momentum heading down the wrong path
    its not easy to make it turn, but once you get heading on the right path you build that momentum up again, this time in the right direction
    make a habit. go to the gym or run or whatever you can make a routine out of, and do it 3 times a week for 3 months. it will get easy, and harder NOT to do it
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  17. It's amazing how everybody I know that listens to JRE quotes it and has taken almost life lessons from it. Rogan is straight up one of my heros.

    Vman should start listening.
  18. Yeah, blame the hippo. So convenient.

    After a few years your past weed expenditures will seem quite irrelevant. There's absolutely no need for excessive guilt trips and wondering about might-have-beens.

    It's a classic sign of depression that almost everything becomes a negative thought loop, example:
    -That person has more money than me/a better job -> I'm a worthless pos
    -That person has less money than me and a shit job but still seems happy -> what's wrong with me? -> I'm a worthless pos
    OR that person has less money than me and is miserable -> the world is such a shit place -> I should just kill myself

    When you delve into your own train of thought (I suggest with the help of a pro), you find so many ways you have been actively trying to find reasons not to try and not to live, and cleverly disguising them into a form that almost seems rational.
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  19. I've actually been listening to some of his stuff lately, but just interviews with people. The Jay Leno one is great. It's all about comedy.
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  20. Fixed that for you
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  22. Who would win in a ghetto boy purging competition? Hemi or Duerte?
  23. Well they're both insane, so...

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