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  1. Haha the second link is actually pro-decriminalisation:

    "Unsurprisingly to marijuana lovers around the world, there has yet to be a single reported death linked to cannabis overdose....
    ....deaths caused by heroin and benzodiazepines (prescription anti-anxiety drugs such as Ativan or Xanax) with 6 and 5-fold increases since 2001.What’s missing from NIDA’s 2015 report? A single record of a fatal cannabis overdose.......
    ......With years worth of data on drug fatalities, it would seem like common sense to step back and ask: If no one is dying from marijuana, why is it still illegal? Unfortunately, we still seem live in a world that’s a little more than nonsensical."
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  2. Hating criminals and drug dealers is not being insane, it is about caring of having a town without unwanted trash.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. It isn't surprising to me that hemi doesn't even read the links he posts. He just collects URLs to try to use in arguments
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  5. Joining the thread late. I agree that weed and depression don't go together, because they both make you postpone stuff for later.
    It's not much of an advice, but from my experience (not a lot of it) the easiest way to regain control is being socially active. Also setting dumb rules like no smoking alone, never staying at home after work, never spending an entire day (24 hours) at home without stepping outside.

    On the subject of pot, it seems like legislation is closer than ever here. People are talking about it openly, smoking in the streets/some bars is basically ignored and the streets actually smell like weed. Of course more so in Tel Aviv than in the rest of the country.

    I smoked at work once and it was a mistake.
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  6. I disagree about pot/depression. It's really the only thing that works for my depression/anxiety.

    I can puff a little bit of whatever some shitty dealer gives me, or find a well-bred sativa strain (hard to do in illegal states), and be good to go for the day. It's also great for the occasional migraine and my chronic elbow problems.

    I should be able to pop in to a CVS/Walgreen's/whatever, find a strain that fits my needs, and buy an amount for a reasonable price. Of course that would mean that the aisles containing 5000 different NSAIDs would go unsold. Maybe that would light a fire under Bayer and all those other companies and they would see that investing in cannabis now would be a great idea. Could you imagine the grow operations that they could accomplish? It would put Mexico out of business.

    I think it's going to take an agriculture state like Iowa, Indiana, or Illinois to really set things in motion. Once these farmers are able to stop relying on corn, which would die if not for government subsidies, and focus on a crop that is actually profitable, the rest of the dirt states would take notice and push for legalization.

    Marijuana isn't a public safety issue. If anyone was really concerned about public safety then I wouldn't be able to go to the store and buy enough alcohol to kill a horse.
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  7. Imagine what legislation could do for the Israel-Palestine conflict.
    "Whoa, man... war is, like, bad and stuff, bro. Besides, I hear you make a mean falafel. I really need some falafel right now."
  8. *legalisation
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  9. Yeah that. I'm foreign.
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  10. There is a huge difference between a sativa and an indica.
    Pot was amazing for my depression and anxiety as well. But I had to use a sativa. Indica was great for right before bed. But if I used it during the day I'd be worse off.

    xIspUeNQA2h8rBNhMHAk_sativa-indica-comparison (1).png

    Just keep that in mind. If you want a desired effect, you need to do a bit of homework first.
    Weed isn't just weed. There are so many different strains that carry drastically different effects.
  11. afaik I mostly get sativas from my guy, however i'm not sure who tells him what's what so i generally don't take much notice
  12. Totally true and with social media it has gotten even worse. People uploading constantly positive pics of having fun, travelling abroad, doing extreme sports etc on FB/Insta giving an untinentional (or intentional) false image of them living a great life vs us having a mediocre one. I genuinely think some people out there go travelling abroad so as to post nice pics on their fb/insta accounts, not talking about people trying to make money off it.
  13. I'm not a pot smoker (just puff/pass once in a blue monday), but I'm so glad we don't have this problem here that we don't know what we buy. We can literally pick straight from a menu. Sure, Americans are like "our kush is superior" and whatnot, but that's fine, I don't drink the best champagne in the world either anytime I drink champagne. The ease of getting it and the amount of choice without going all para about DEA/rozzers/dunno is worth having a slightly inferior product imho.
  14. You have no idea how much I wanted to smoke when I was with you/ruerd/ben/grant

    EDIT: Scrappy Doo is bollocks
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  15. Yeah, the Japan lifestyle. Go by bus from landmark to landmark, shoot hundreds of pics and come to find at home where you've been at all, haha. Never realizing that there was a moment to enjoy as well while on a trip. I had one of the best times with 996chinbait, ctr2serb and veyronnotts ever in Paris, almost 12 years ago now (crazy thinking of that). The only things we really visited were the eiffel tower and the sacre coeur in about a week's time. All else wasn't particularly stuff that couldn't have been done anywhere else, but it was great. The pictures we took wouldn't impress any strangers on social medias, but it really was a blast.

    And let's be honest, we all know some people that boast to how many places they've been, almost literally one-on-one citing the discount folder of their local charter agency. They're the ones that start about it by themselves, whether you have a smoke at the airport or if it's some bragging contest in a bar. Such people exist. Just let them be, I mean, if that's what their personal pride comes from, good for them. But for most other people, it's absolutely vital to not fall in the trap of comparison. Everybody lives their lives in different ways and comparison usually only brings one down.

    I'm 33, I don't have kids, some people I know have had them for a decade already and I'm cool with that and I'm cool with them. I'd love to become father, honestly, but only if I'm sure miss Moo will be an awesome mom too. Or else rather not at all. And I'm definitely not in a hurry either. Just to give an example. Don't let the lives of others bring down the joy of your own was my message, pretty much underlining yours, if I read it correctly :)
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  16. I have not, indeed, shit, could've made a quick stop for that, I mean, we were in Amsterdam, there's pot all over the place lol

    edit: even in my cute little town there are 5 coffeeshops walking distance haha
  17. I was too embarassed to mention it tbh. I figured two Dutch guys and two B.C. natives would be like "t0tally over that"
  18. But first, let me take a selfie.
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  19. I'm so very live and let live lol, if you want to smoke, you smoke haha
  20. I'd totes smoke with Veyroninman and Moby.
  21. We should have a meetup in Netherlands.
  22. Would be cool
    No idea what it'd be like now, though, now that we've all grown up a bit compared to a decade ago
  23. I'm still a single drunk pothead. Just a little more tired than I used to be.
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  24. Probably talk grown up shit like significant other problems, lawn care, and mortgage payments.
  25. Never tried it, have no intentions of doing so, but I feel like it may as well be treated like alcohol. Just do it in your own home or specified areas and don't do stupid shit (drive) to endanger other people while you're high.

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