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  1. I think you're a pretty cool guy James. You got this.

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  2. Hahaha @ 996chinbait
    I def agree that lives of others shouldn't bring down the joy of our own, even moreso if you don't know the other person too well you don't know what's going on behind his/her nice pictures, adventures etc..
    Another thing I wanted to point out is envy. Throughout our lives we've been taught it's a bad thing and we have to avoid/repress it. I would say to a certain degree it's a good thing and we better listen to it. It's a reflex or a signal of ourself that somewhere we are lacking/missing something and we ought to take action. This may sound counter-intuitive to what was discussed before but it's not the same thing, it requires a can-do/proactive attitude to go out and put the effort, not feeling bad about yourself and demotivated.
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  3. burn it
  4. But I 3D printed it!!
  5. haha dude
  6. it is considered a bad thing because happiness is relative.

    look at how people always attack americans who are protesting
    'how dare you be unhappy with your iphones and nikes while kids are starving in africa'
    yes, if people were able to objectively view their situation in life nearly no person born today who is not starving would be 'happy'
    before humans were sapiens and were just like other wild animals, any day not spent starving or fearing for your life was pretty great

    now everyday is like that and we are still unhappy

    With social media the issue is that we compare our real lives with a highlight reel of someone elses life, without the shitty days at the dmv or the bad interactions with family, the guilt of skipping the gym, or the attractive person rejecting us
    if social media bums you out try to maintain that perspective

    And absolutely use it as motivation to improve your life
    but comparison will never make you happy because theres always somebody out there either looking like they are doing it better or actually doing it better and if other people are your yardstick you will forever be short

    when you sit back and just enjoy that you are well fed, healthy, and have good people around you and forget about what other peoples lives may or may not be like you tend to be more relaxed and self assured
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  7. Well Israel just took a big step towards decriminalization today. That's an interesting development.
  8. skipping straight to page 4 is like visiting a fully legal state
  9. Update to this whole "I need to stop smoking weed" issue.

    As some of you may know I went to Chicago for a wedding at the beginning of July (stayed with Atomic2 and his wife - had such an amazing time I need to move to the U S and A, I'm sure). Anyway so I didn't smoke for that time and I had the intention of using the week off as a forced start to my quitting. I started feeling the positive effects of this pseudo "detox" and it did feel great. My general mood improved. I could wake up properly in the mornings etc etc. I suppose some of this could have been attributed to me being on holiday, being in the sun and whatnot and just generally having a stressless time, but that was nice while it lasted. It was the longest I'd had off for probably 3 years.

    Naturally (as a drug addict) when I got back home and saw the nug I'd left on the coffee table I put it straight in a spliff and it fuuucked me up. Felt bad man. So I fell back into the routine of smoking daily and being depressed and basically everything I've already explained.

    Fast Forward to Monday and a friend of mine who also smokes weed on the regular, buying it from the same people as me sent me a message saying he's never going to their house again. He pulled onto the close where they lived and saw a police van parked directly outside their house, with rozzers knocking about. he pulled up and pretended to check something on his phone to make it look like he'd taken a wrong turning, then got out of there as a couple of uniformed people walked towards him (from about 50m away, if I correctly understand where he'd pulled over). As a bit of background, months and months ago there were a number of times when we'd be there during the day and cops would drive down to that house, have a really good look at the house and at us through the window, then leave. The house is at the end of a cul-de-sac so there's no real reason to go down to it if you don't live there. Of course this set the paranoia off at the time but their activity ceased and we put it to the back of our minds. We've both decided to never go back there again just in case it's being staked out or the neighbours are snitching or whatever. Especially now as they do roadside swabs to test for drugs, and basically if I get caught up in that my life is over. Whilst that'd already been the case for quite a while now, hearing about the specific nature of the police activity there has served to remind me of how thin a line I'm walking along right now so my friend and I have both come to the conclusion that it's not worth it any more.

    I have no other ways of obtaining weed now, so I'm two days into it and feeling more positive about it than I had done during previous attempts. Fingers crossed I can make it stick this time.
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  10. oh my god, not only did i skip to pages 4, I skipped right to this ^^^^

    I need to leave this thread before i get even more jaded.
  11. ive taken what amounts to a mental health break for a little over a month now, and I dont miss it

    it made me complacent with doing nothing, with treading water in my life
    I quit because I'm more actively looking for a better job.
    The results of this are that I got out of a relationship that I knew I needed to get out of. Not because it was bad but because it wasnt good enough and Ive known it for a long time and it was really starting to wear on my soul that I was essentially living dishonestly, telling people one thing but believing and acting out something else.
    I get out of the house a lot more and am way more social with my friends. because i liked weed so much I used to get off work or whatever and I could not wait to get home and do nothing cuz it was so entertaining. the problem was that I get socially anxious and once I would hit it I would essentially be done with the world for that day

    I wouldnt say im depressed, and im close to being in the best shape of my life, but I could definitely see that I was overusing it. Especially as using it made me okay with not doing the hard things in my life that would pay off in the long run. It was a comfort trap.

    I still like it but I need to use it responsibly, which for me is making alone time awesome, or a light buzz when out in nature

    tldr: dont use weed to escape the hard shit you know you have to do to improve your life
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  12. I can draw parallells between your experience and mine, so it's reassuring somewhat to hear that. +1

    Apart from the relationship stuff LOL
  13. eh i wanted out so its a positive
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  14. Try meth, you'll get more done.
  15. That's good for you guys.

    I have a good friend who is a heavy smoker (still gets some shit done, but only the important stuff like making money) and it helps keep things in check, because I only smoke when I'm with him. Usually once or twice a week.
  16. Fyi the lol & foreveralone was aimed squarely at myself
  17. Pot is a russian plot to make americans lazy.
  18. I think people who keep on smoking in their adult life need to get a life

    like, recursively
  19. pot is fine if youre comfortable with your life and dont need to get something done
    if you have a great job, but its a little stressful, cannabis imo is INFINITELY better than drinking alcohol

    the issue is if you have a so so job/life situation and smoking pot keeps you from feeling how shitty it is so you remain in your comfort trap
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  20. ive never done anything chemically addictive like that, not even cigarettes

    mental addiction is a thing but im much more scared of physical addiction
  21. eh not being in a relationship but getting laid seems like the ideal life but what do i know i just broke free
    im sure in a year ill be longing for a relationship
    i have to remind myself not to fall in love with every girl who loves me back

    i need to be a veyronman style lone wolf
  22. Honestly it's not the best idea. I don't know how relationships work at all. I haven't been touched in 5 years.
  23. I've done some stuff and I have to say cigarettes and energy drinks were by far the hardest to quit. For cigs it was because it was so habitual. If I didn't have one while driving or after getting home from work, it was like not being able to scratch a huge itch. I'm happy to say I've been off of them cold turkey for over 4 years.
    Before actually seeing a Dr to get medication for my constant tired/sleepy state, I'd self medicate by drinking easily 5+ energy drinks. A few times I'd use those energy patches (didn't do crap for me) while chewing energy gum while slamming down a monster. I'd also take one of these in between energy drinks:

    Hard to find in stores so I'd buy them out every time I found them.

    Got to a point I thought I was going to have a heart attack because my heart kept beating weird. Got full check up. Blood, EKG, stress test, etc. Luckily no damage done but it was a wake up call.
    Wound up quitting them and the withdrawal was insane. Felt like I got my ass kicked, extreme nausea, horrible headache. Bed ridden for a whole day. My girlfriend had to bring me some meds to stop the pain and nausea. I haven't been on those in several years either. I take one every few months, but I don't get hooked.
    I'm still hooked on coffee and have to drink a cup a day or get a headache, but that's fine.
  24. i quit energy drinks a long time ago because of the cals and sugar for 5 hour energies, that was expensive so i switched to regular old coffee, thats too much liquid so now i take a 200mg caffeine pill in the morning

    no cals no sugar

    supplement with coffee but only cuz hot coffee feels good and cold brew with heavy cream is lunch some days
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