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  1. so you want one? go get one! bad past experiences is not a predictor! just learn your lessons and keep your eyes heart and butt open
  2. Yeah I don't think it's that easy
  3. That, and the people I come across are all just... ugh... FUCKING FAGGOTS
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  4. Eh consider it time to improve yourself. Take up knitting or kick boxing.
  5. I like that the suggestions are at opposing ends of the hobby spectrum
  6. I wasn't sure if you're a top or bottom. :p
  7. No one knows how they work, and that's fine. Find someone you can tolerate. Be you.

    You refine what you want and who you are through trying.
  8. yeah im enjoying this time. every time ive gone through a break up its been a time of accelerated growth for me
  9. Just get out there and split some faggot fannys. Look for a relationship after you get back on the horse.
    Who cares if they aren't who you want to be with. Just be with them for a night. Have some fun. Just be safe and don't get super gonosiphititoaids.

    Edit:I've been with my wife for almost 9 years. Married for 5. Still have no fucking clue what I'm doing. That never changes
  10. you can bang and have fun and walk away from that and into a serious relationship but you carry it around as baggage or you live it as a lifestyle forever. You can't do it as part of a "how James got his groove back" romp. You'll do it again or it'll haunt you for ever having done it at all.

    it never ceases to amaze me how people think they can reinvent themselves against their nature. Who you are always comes bubbling to the surface. like little gnocchi, little starchy abscesses in your brain.
  11. Such metaphor. Much poetic.
  12. Umm WAT?

    Not having some fun and sexual deviance in your life is much more likely to affect you negatively than doing so.

    Don't even try and argue. It's science.

    Vman needs to get a bj or fifteen. It's good for the soul.
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  13. Grindr delivers. Dude came round on his lunch break before I had to leave for my late shift today. He was like "i'll be in my work clothes if that's ok?", I was like, sure no worries that's cool.

    Army uniform! Rawr
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  14. holy shit great news right!?

    if only girls were as easy as gayguys
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  15. They can be. Just got to get the ones that are away from their significant other on "girls night out" at the bar/club. My friend has had much success with bumble. Or get yourself a good ole fat slurry for crazy debauchery.
  16. Yeah it was fun

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  17. good for you

    people like you and you like people
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  18. that's cool. Enjoy open relationships forever. It's how you people invented AIDS after all.
  19. Again....... WAT?
    I am in a committed manogamous marriage.
    But when I was single I enjoyed as much debauchery as I could.

    And what do you mean you people? White Canadian Men?
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  20. :D:D:D:D:D

    Good for you!
  21. Jesus Christ, are you serious?

    Piss off.
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  22. sorry to rain on your backslapping thread, man. You do you.
  23. How bout not being a ****?
    Seriously, explain your comment.
  24. Why would he do him? He's got a military man for that. Didn't you read the thread?
  25. Years ago I thought I got on with 2998. Over the years he's become more and more of a twat about absolutely everything.

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