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  1. Csl:
    Yeah. I agree. I used to not mind him at all. Now he is definitely a twat 90% of the time.
    There is a serious issue online with people having semi-anonymity and thinking that just gives them the right to be a c*nt.
  2. Everyone goes through a juggalo sympathising stage.
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  3. I heard of a guy that did 4 pots in one day and overdosed and is in a coma now.
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  4. What about that guy that did one marajuana and killed 16 people with a wedge of cheese.
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  5. how many pots are needed to go high
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  6. Not even one
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  7. If you stand in the bathroom turn the lights off and close the door. Spin in circles and say Mary Jane 3 times she will appear and stone you
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  8. i heard that's called a jamanican shower and that it's very sinful
  9. I'm now high and I'm thinking how many of the posts on this thread were written when high. This is the first smoke after a long while.

    Honestly, I don't really like myself that much when high. I eat junk, *** to silly porn, become super lazy, messy and fail at simple tasks. Somehow that sort of thing bothered me less much when I was 16.

    I like some aspects of weed. Good spliff is an excellent way to relax after a hard day at work and socialise in good company. And listening to music when high is like marching with Jah:

    But to me this just doesn't look like the kind of guy who pays his bills on time:

    It's not that such things would bother me, I'd probably be happy to smoke and have a good time with him. I just don't want to be that kind of guy. And I don't want my baby to see me drunk or intoxicated in any way until she's old enough to handle that kind of stuff (prolly 15 or so).
  10. Like what happened just now godverdomme

    I put a dr.oetker frozen pizza in the oven (what kind of dirty pleb even eats such atrocities except w00t), and then I became so fucking incompetent that I burned the pizza to a brown/black crisp. I'd like to go all Gordon Ramsay on my ass but I'm too comfy eating this nutella and listening to all kinds of music so I won't

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  11. i ordered some no thc cbd oil
    been having some workout related minor injuries and aches since stepping up my schedule and wanted to give it a try
    supposed to be good for inflammation/pain (though the pain doesnt really bother me that much) and ive always been curious
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  12. Goddamn hippie, just man up and go kill some commies!
  13. the pain isnt bad. i guess i just ordered it mostly out of curiosity
    best case scenario is that knee pain wouldnt keep me from running/playing basketball but im not sure if thats a good thing
    i just learned that ive probably been squatting wrong, leading to knee pain. thats not good.

    i like getting high when ive got nothing to do but im on the lookout for a job so no thc for now
  14. Yeah I have definitely ruined a few pizzas like this. Fucking just straight up forgot they were in the oven.

    8 hours later go into the kitchen like "wtf why is it so hot in here? OH the oven is still on..." then realise I never actually took the food out.
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  15. Let me know what you think. I use it a lot and it works amazing. Not like popping 6 morphine tabs or anything but for what it is I love it.
  16. Just squat like a non slav
  17. i think more accurately I'm a twat 100% of the time to 90% of the users.
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  18. The 10% being yourself
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  19. was going to ask who the 10% was

    probably gongongqiche because they are both insane
  20. Drive bus like chairman boss, crush japan and korea devil brand car "kia" or "nissan" inside traffic is not insane. Maybe release of angry feeling inside traffic, no need to preserve japan ass hole style behavior in internet.

    Only need cousin who produce counterfeit driving license.
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  21. This English is too accurate. Who used this account today? You're slipping
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