POTD: I love it how...

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by eb110ss4life, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. how nobody gives a #$%# about the Enzo.
  2. Thats because its a bunch of japanese people looking at the new pokimon display. They have priorities you know
  3. hahahahahaha.

  4. So the diffuser is silver also?
  5. Hmmm something looks....odd about that enzo. Not the regular odd looks the car comes with either.
  6. a euro version Enzo with a Japenese plate, perhaps? Or the Wheels?
  7. the diffuser, side skirts and lower part of the bumper are painted silver, also the wheels are not stock
  8. ahhh. Well it looks good that way.
  9. They are just jealous because the Enzo has more passion than their beloved Skyline.
  10. Probably a school girl offering her used panties .
  11. They seem to be looking at an orange car, myabe the Caparo ??? thing
  12. hahahaha
  13. FXX on the other side of the room?
  14. dont think its an FXX. anyone have an idea what the black car on the left is?
  15. The one taking the pic and all his mates do
  16. Haha
  17. SLR I think
  18. I think it's a ricer.

    The hood/front of the SLR is much longer.
  19. We had this discussion on the diffuser befor, i personaly think it looks better painted, and the wheels look like they came off a 360CS.
  20. they actually do sell those in vending machines.
  21. I know . Weird country .
  22. I bet its the RX7 from Toky0 Drift0
  23. Thats a veilside Fortune RX-7 FD3S

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