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  1. Right, I know for a fact that the engine bay on this baby can easily take a 3.9 litre V8 without modification. I reckon you could get this baby to the status of a great supercars for ,at most, £33,000.
    These cars can be built for around £15,000 (I checked kitcar magazine), and you can get a second hand, 3.0 twin turbo supra (full car) for about ten grand (I checked a lot of classifieds), so lets say you pay that for the engine. Now you've got five grand left to race tune it. Upgraded turbos, cams, connrods and pulleys and a coupla dump valves, and everything tuned,knife-edged ,balanced, polished and/or skimmed;it's a lot but I think you could get most of these things done whithin budget.
    I think it would be pretty cool.
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