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  1. I have no issues with my current power supply, except that its noisy as #$%#. And I want to move my PC into my bedroom, so I want one thats super quiet. The computer probably doesn't even need 300W now, but I will be adding a video card (GTS 450 or 5770, maybe a GTX 460) soon. I figure probably 450-500W should be good.

    So what PSUs are the most quiet, and not too expensive?
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    check your whole PC's power requirement (CPU, HD, Videocard, etc.) then shop.


    has some good reviews for silent PSUs, check them out.
  3. those cards can be loud like feck too

    there are passive cooled PSU's for under 300 Watts
  4. I kind of assumed the video card would be quiet when its not being used heavily.

    And I calculated the current power needs once, it was like 280w or something.
  5. some of these cards sound like a vacuum cleaner, even in idle

    my friend just bought a new pc with a 460GTX, horrible in terms of noise
  6. speaking of, there are also noise reviews for graphic cards, you should look them up online before getting one. they also differ from brand to brand and model to model, not just chipset to chipset
  7. Actually, is it possible to just replace the fan in my current power supply?
  8. no, a new low noise 80+ PSU makes more sense

    Corsair and such brands are pretty good IMO
  9. ive had only good experience wiyh antec. low noise, stable and effecient
  10. I have an antec something and its excellent and quiet
  11. I'm looking at a Corsair 450VX for $40.
  12. corsair is probably currently the best for a good product at the right price
  13. Plus they have a cool name that reminds me of pirates

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