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  1. What do you have?
    I have a bunch of Ryobi cordless 18v crap. I started with them because they're so much cheaper than the competition and ok for DIY, but to change it all over now is massive $$$.
    I'm thinking changing over though, to either Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee or DeWalt (cordless). Shits expensive though, especially when most of my Ryobi tools get the job done well enough.
    But when it comes to cordless hammer drills, and angle grinders ..... Ryobi sucks. Plus, their tools are heavy and batteries arent fantastic in comparison.

    Dewalt has 54v now!?
    Bosch has so many different skins.
    Makita has great batteries.
    Milwaukee are overall decent
  2. I have zero power tools. Can barely drill a hole in the wall. Last time I needed some IKEA shit assembled - I called my dad over.
  3. I have a good mix of dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee.

    Overall I like Dewalt the best.
    Though I am quickly starting to love my new Milwaukee drill and hammer drill.
    Battery life on the Milwaukee's isn't as good, but they have really good quick chargers now.
  4. I've had Bosch, Dewalt and a Makita driver.

    I love the way Bosch tools feel in my hands and how smoothly they operate, plus they also don't look like a children's water gun.

    Dewalts are very powerful and extremely durable tools, probably what I would use of I was a tradie driving a ute.

    Only one Makita tool but I love it, I would buy another one without hesitation.

    Or you can sell your house and blow all of your savings on Hilti power tools
  5. Bosch power tools are designed to save energy, yet deliver highest levels of performance. While these tools are compact and light in weight, they also run on environment-friendly Bosch lithium ion technology, that cater to diverse industrial sectors like automotive, construction, manufacturing, and home-interiors.
  6. I have a Makita drill with a like a huge metal box with lots of tools in them to put on the drill. It's very convenient.
  7. who do you work for
    who sent you
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  8. Most of my projects are for fun, instead of big home DIY, so the only power tool I have is a corded Ryobi drill. Everything else I mostly do by hand, although I do borrow a hobby-sized combo machine (1.5hp mill / lathe) from time to time.
  9. Husqvarna makes great power tools, and sports bikes too
  10. Only buy Bosch, wire and wireless

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