Power Vs Handling

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SeansVette, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Power. What's the point in being able to turn if there's no speed to utilize it with. A miata is one thing, but a geo metro is completely different.
  2. Such a stupid, circumstantial question.

  3. If the geo metro had the power of the z06, the car would be undrivable without making the handling better.

    Terrible thread seansvette, terrible.
  4. Mitsubishi makes a keicar with about 60 hp and 4WD that is utterly awesome.
  5. handling is more fun imo
  6. 55-70 hp, depending on which engine you got.
  7. The question is on what? If I can get the lancer handling and metro engine into something like an atom than I would take that.
  8. Handling, easily. Excessive power is useless in a street car, whereas good handling can often be the result of a good suspension setup.
  9. Handling. I have much more fun in my 997 than in my friends 500Hp S600..
  10. But the 997 has an engine. Not a Metro engine. It would barely move if it did.
  11. Power.

    Turning at intersections doesn't require much in the way of handling.
  12. handling
  13. Which one is the American choice?
  14. I suppose amerikans only enjoy driving in straight lines
  15. Short of driving a couple of hours to the mountains I don't have much choice.
  16. I suppose Europeans only enjoy driving on curved roads and never accelearate. Shut up.
  17. Just for those who havn't understood, 55hp is still enough to get a car to 90mph, which is certainly fast enough to scare on a winding road. The joy and challenge of the drive then becomes to carry as much speed as possible through a corner, something which great handling will help you achieve. Being able to feel every ounce of grip beneath the tyres, and every bump and the balance of the car, will keep you enthralled, especially since they are all critical to keeping the speed up.

    In a car with far more power than handling, you'll just accelerate down the straight, then creep around every corner because the chassis can't take more, than accelerate down the next straight.

    There's only one way of accelerating down a straight, but there are virtually infinite ways to go around a corner. This is why handling is the default option in a poll like this for anyone who genuinely loves driving.
  18. I kind of want my grandpas old green Skoda with like 40hp and an engine behind the rear axle. That was the choicest car ever.
  19. As opposed to sliding a car around that has way more power than it has available grip? That's fun, too. Just because the handling isn't sharp doesn't mean that it's not fun to toss around. You don't think it's a serious challenge to drive a powerful car that doesn't have a ton of grip as quickly as possible?
  20. Europeans can make cars capable of doing both. Amerikans kan't.
  21. "Shut up."
  22. I'm right.
  23. No you're not. Americans can, they just don't. Blame it on the consumer.
  24. I'm just going on the assumption that you weren't serious. Because if you were serious, I would be too shocked and disappointed in the human race to be able to respond.
  25. STi/Evo option

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