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  1. Anyone know how much power this thing will have?

    if it is powered by the MZR 2.3 turbo unit that is in the 6, it will have substantial tuning potential.

    i am guessing somewhere in the region of about 220-240hp and maybe 250lbft of torque as it is quite a torquey engine. it wont have 260hp like in the mps as its only FWD and coundn't handle the power.
  2. Like the Astra OPC (VXR) 240 bhp on the front wheels
  3. Zoom Zoom ZOOoooom!
  4. c'mon stop posting retarded things. if you dont have anything to say then dont post. annoying bastards.
  5. I read this thing will have at least 260HP @ the autoshow if not the 274HP that the Mazdaspeed6 has. I wonder if they'd make an AWD version of it. If so it might be pretty decent. A slightly larger version of the Ford WRC car..haha! Same platform.
  6. would be cool if it does, but i doubt it
  7. This is one Fcuken HOT BEAST.
    I see potential Rally material soon!!!!!!!!

    WRC to be???????

    Go the familias
  8. 263 hp
    280 ft-ibs of torque

    I'm getting one to replace my standard 3 soon.
  9. shame, with all that power its still a seriously dull/boring car
  10. well dull to you, but its exciting to everyone else thats wants one =). I cant afford the lancer evolution so this is my alternate. If you want to see boring, check out the Caliber SRT-8.

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