Powered armored exoskeletons soon...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by lizardmech, Dec 8, 2007.

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  2. Repost.
    Awesome nonetheless.
  3. ha. nice
  4. next step: mech warriors and gundams.

    I have dreamed of this day where I can retaliate on my enemies.
  5. Real-life rock'em sock'em bots!

    The 200lb pulldowns were awesome, you could climb up shit like such a monkey.

    I wanna see if they allow you to jump extra high, or punch with extra force, or bend bars and shit.

    To cool.
  6. I didn't see the video but the main thing for me would be speed.

    Like, I'm imagining this thing to be kinda slow and stuff and the exoskeletons I imagine would be just as fast as a normal human, if not faster. If that's what this thing is like, I want to put a down payment down for the first civilian model.
  7. I'd pretty much wear it all the time, even when gonig to the store.

    Next time some nig nog won't get of her damn cell phone long enough to place her order you could just rip her arm off phone and all
  8. OH man, this will be amazing.
  9. imagine they had Exoskeleton sports. How awesome would that be.

    The potential in this is staggering.
  10. He should have punched the volleyball really hard just to see how far it would travel.
  11. Thats just unreal.
  12. Last week, I sat in on a presentation from the university of texas-austin and listened to their head of robotics essentially #%!@ about our lack of investment into non-linear actuators. After watching that, I realize he is a deuschebag.

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