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  1. It is pretty powerful and it has a neat design.<!-- Signature -->
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    one word...ugly<!-- Signature -->
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    I like how the car looks<!-- Signature -->
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    in the pic below is what happen to one of my friends lamborghini...its really sad
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    to raped lambos on one page uhg
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    this car looks like poo
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    Its a nice car.<!-- Signature -->
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    Different rims and paint job would help... But its a frickin Lambo!! Who cares if it looks like @$%#, as long as your ass is what your competitor see's, they can eat dust 24/7.<!-- Signature -->
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    powerful and it looks very good as well, probably one of my favorite diablos
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    damn it took 4 yrs to make and the final product waz so ugly.<!-- Signature -->
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    aaaa..its ok,like you said,new paint job and rims...it'll look alot better than that
  12. Why???

    Ok, firstly, I am a serious Lamborghini fan.....but this, this is the worst Lamborghini I have ever seen! The standard car looks great (Though the Countach is still more evocative for me) but when people start bolting on bits of plastic everywhere without seeing if its gonna look ok first, they should have the car taken off them.....
    This looks like the sort of abortion you see in Britain when some zit covered gobshite starts sticking spoilers, splitters and airdams on his mums 1.1litre shopping car...

    And why Brown? Have South Americans got any taste? (Except thier women which are tasty!!)
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    Personally I love this car, it's got an original design, not shape design, 239 mph who could ask for more? Tell me if you saw one of these cars driving down your street you wouldn't want to get a closer look, course you would, I for one like the looks of this and with all cars looks are based on personal opinions so why argue about how it looks?<!-- Signature -->
  14. the color

    its not brown, it has 14 capes of paint, I have see it in person and the color depends on were do you see it from. it like orange and red and brown, very strange thing. I´ve heard it engine and its great! also the equipment, the actual version of the Coatl is the Lamoghini Eros 2000.<!-- Signature -->
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    this is my baby, new paint and some bbs racing rims, this car would look awesome
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    Shut the !@#$ up this is the best lambo they have brought out

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