Predator Extreme

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  1. Extreme indeed!
  3. wow another company to steal a style from lamborghini....I agree with SlaYeR...FAIL FAIL FAIL
  4. dunno, i read murcie based, but it can easily not be.
  5. b-b-but it's a 3 seater... totally original!!
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  7. It's like a Murci/Reventon and Enzo made a baby... with some serious fetal alcohol syndrome action.
  8. i want to murder everyone in this thread that said this car ripped off Lamborghini.

    Um....does no one else notice the #$%#ing ENZO in it?!?
  9. lambo eat lemon
  10. I actually meant to type "Murci/Reventon and Enzo". I fixed it. The front is definitely Enzoesque, but the interior/cockpit area and engine lid scream Lambo.
  11. There should be mandatory euthanasia for mutants like these.
  12. this is sad <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    the tail lights are off a g35 btw
  13. omfg, those DO look like Murcie seats.

  14. no its not based on an actual lambo, those arent murci doors at all
  15. could have helped to use a french curve in the drawing phase
  16. why could they have not built utter crap on some crashed murci chassis? It probably isn't, but still...
  17. Wow, what a POS.
  18. The front looks like some sort of crab/lobster/bug/homo mutation thing. This is gay.
  19. although i see many design cues from lambo and ferrari, i at least got to give them credit for not trying to make this a replica
  20. I'm mclovin it.
  21. I see why they call it "Predator," it looks like the Predator in the movie when he takes his mask off, seriously, I see. I want to ralph all my organs all over this car.

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