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  1. My girlfriends cousin just gave birth. She is 17. I was weired out.
  2. If you had hit it while she was pregnant it would've been like 2 for 1.
  3. What a slut.
  4. Its funny how much women keep getting sluttier n sluttier. They're all sooooooooo #$%#ing disgusting
  5. preggerz bro!
  6. Is she from Orillia, ON?
  7. yeah, she's the only preggo 17yo in north america.
  8. U knocked her up brooo?
  9. This girl in one of my classes has a kid. It's weird, she's immature and must be a terrible mother.
  10. My mother in law had her first kid when she was 17. My mates mother became a grandmother at 32...
  11. preggers is one of my favorite words.
  12. I saw so many teen mothers today, WTF is wrong with kids these days.
    This group of them were sitting beside their baby carriages outside the mall smoking.
  13. "Oops"?
  14. Poor kids.
  15. A guy in my class knocked up some chick, he is 20, she is 18. She gave birth a week ago.
  16. My ex's daughter is 17 & about to give birth in a couple months. This after she got out of drug rehab late last year, so she's off to a good start.
  17. Your ex has a 17 year old daughter? How old are you?

    *EDIT* Haha, your ex is almost a grandma!
  18. Yeah, it really sounds like she's off to a good start in life.
  19. & the baby's father is 18 & has arrest warrants out/has been to jail twice already..but at least he's involved, as well which is good I guess. My ex isn't too thrilled, but what else can she do aside from helping her daughter prepare to be a teen mom?
  20. I'm sorry to say it and I really mean no insult, but maybe an abortion would have been best.
  21. theres a girl my age(17) that has two kids. both are over a year old. and they're half black/white
  22. hah..I don't think they even pondered that, considering she didn't tell her mom for 5 months that she was pregnant..
  24. Shoulda put it in her butt.
  25. my life dream is to put it in this one's butt

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