Premium End

Discussion in 'FireRed's Website Forum' started by FireRed, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. I read a thread by Richard that Premium accounts will no longer be offered. Oh well. Post ideas how to reward outstanding members such as myself for all my years work and participation on this site...

  2. I still like the golden stars, don't see why they can't remain. Just keep it professional i suppose. no need to award anything, other than good threads and photography, useful articles etc...
  3. I doubt premium is going anywhere
  4. Oh so the thread by Richard in premium that Premium is ending is obviously of no concern to you.
  5. They should build us an obstacle course, riddled with killer possums.
  6. Karma of course.
  7. I do wish Premium doesn't end or if it is eliminated that we can keep the features of our forum and website.
  8. We should be rewarded with nude pics of FireRed.

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