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  1. to me i think this car is good for what ur paying for. tell me what you think
  2. It's hard to argue with 415 naturally aspirated horsepower from a 6 cylinder.
  3. Yeah, it is a nice car and all, but I've always wondered why the GT3 was slower and less-powerful than the GT2, which in turn was the same way compared to the GT1. Is there a logical reason to that? Maybe I missed something. Personally, my fave Porsche is the 1996 Porsche 911 GT1.
  4. different classes if racing, though GT1 doesnt exist any more
  5. i always loved gt3. and for the price its got, it delivers alot more than what you would've paid for its competition marques:

    for instance, current gt3 : 1475000 rands*
    competiton: (eg)ferrari 360cs:3100000 rands(+/-)
    gt3rs : 200000 more than the standard gt3.

    *rands - south african currency. 1 pound-R10,50
    1 dollar-R7,00

    so it works out to be of very good value.its definitelty worth the money, and this car just gets better and better.
  6. Okay, thank you. All I needed to know.
  7. plus the GT2 is a twin turbo
  8. 415 hp is good but when they will change this 3,6 l boxer engine. on the other hand the rest is very good, especially the handling
  9. This is simply a gorgeous car. Wait until RUF gets it's hands one it...haha..415 will probably be going up to 500hp Naturally Aspirated.

    GT2 is nice...but that's alot of HP to harness all to the backwheels. I've heard alot of people prefer driving the GT3 over the GT2. the GT2 even road legal?

  10. if anit broke than dont fix it
  11. huh? the GT2 has two turbos...
  12. tell that to RUF
  13. This could use some Individual Throttle Bodies. It would very much go with the character of the car. And an RUF exhaust would be good to...However..I wouldnt waste the money getting inside the engine. These have billet titanium con rods dont they? Prolly an 11:1 plus comp ratio? Maybe alil polish and port matching but lets be realistic about it...
  14. Unless they up the displacement, they'll never get 500hp. The older gt3 with 381hp was upped to 395 by Ruf. Yes, the gt2 is road legal.
  15. they can with the engine revving around 9500 rpm but it will lack torque and reliability
  16. never? We'll never know... :
  17. yep
  18. So I guess the GT3 is just an NA track car? I know the Turbo is like a luxury-performance car, and the GT2 is much more driver oriented...but I never understood the idea behind the GT3, and I didn't fully understand what the story said about it.
  19. I saw one yesterday on the back of a flat bed truck. I guess it was being delivered. It was the same white as in the pictures. It looked so sick, and even though I'm partial to Ferrari, I would not mind having one in my garage.
  20. That hp/litre figure definitely earns my respect. I read from a car magazine that the low-rpm torque wasn't bad either. In my opinion, this is one of the best sportscar engines currently available.
  21. The GT3 is the more track oriented, sporty version of the normal 911 Carrera. The GT3 has a natural aspired engine. The GT2 on the other hand has 2 turbo's. It's the sporty version of the 911 Turbo.
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