Price Dependent: 911 GT2 or Carrera GT

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by VIPER 5, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. 911 GT2
    Rear Engine/Rear Wheel Drive
    Curb Weight 3175 lbs

    DOHC Twin-Turborcharged
    24 Valve 3.6L Flat-6

    477 bhp at 7500 rpm
    457 lb-ft at 4500 rpm

    0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds
    0-100 mph in 8.9 seconds
    1/4 Mile in 11.9 seconds at 120 mph
    Top Speed 196 mph
    Slalom Speed 68.1 mph
    Skidpad 1.02g
    60-0 mph in 117 ft

    Carrera GT
    Mid Engine/Rear Wheel Drive
    Curb Weight 3146 lbs

    Aluminum 5.7L V10
    DOHC 4 Valves/Cylinder
    VVT for Intake

    605 bhp at 8000 rpm
    435 lb-ft at 5750 rpm

    0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds
    0-100 mph in 6.8 seconds
    1/4 Mile in 11.2 seconds at 132 mph
    Top Speed 205 mph
    70-0 mph in 145 ft
  2. GT2 is mightly effective on track against most cars even ones with more power and costs way more. With price being an issue GT2 is definetely good enough for the money....but if one has the money to go for the CGT I doubt they'd hesitate...
  3. check this pics out...
  4. I think I would want the GT2 more.
  5. and this one...
  6. i though the GT2 top speed was 198mph not 196...
  7. That's a world in difference.
  8. The CGT is worth the extra cash.
  9. people will probaly go all out and get the CGT
  10. CGT but if you had a Turbo with X50 kit instead... hmm... i think i would take the turbo.
  11. The Carrera GT you can actually drive around town and look cool.. the GT2 to me is for the track only.
  12. I'd take a 9ff tuned GT2.
  13. CGT would be my pic. that cars is too sexy for it's own good
  14. CGT is worth the extra money (if you have it).
  15. GT2, cause it will go up my driveway without scraping
  16. GT2, juste because the CGT is daaamn expensive. I mean sure you can't really comare these cars since they really aren't in the same category, but the GT2 is the better bargan, I mean Bang for your Buck, GT2 beats out alot of cars.
  17. the GT2 based on styling.
  18. No it ain't.
  19. I'd take the GT2
  20. I'd take the GT2
  21. GT2, it's more useable, nearly as fast, and I wouldn't feel bad about modding it.

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