price guess anyone?

Discussion in '2005 Chrysler 300C SRT8' started by duo1288, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. I have no clue
  2. My guess would be around 40K.
  3. One million dollaz$$
  4. Car and Driver also estimated that the SRT-8's base price would be around $40k. That should make it the biggest bang for the buck in luxury sedans.
  5. At least $42,000.
  6. Around the 40's probably fully loaded 45k?
  7. I would say 55 canadian max!!!....y the #$%# would yu pay more for an american tin can with lots of power?
  8. its definately not a tin can. im gussing easily easily around 60 canadian
  9. i'd pay a dollar for it.
  10. Under $50,000.
  11. the Hemi version thats out now with 340hp & 390ft. lbs of torque starts at $33k one step below it is about $5k less one step below that is another $5k. I would guess Chrysler is goning to put a $39k price tag on it. The car is built in Canada by Canadian workers & a Canadian made a comment about American junk. Good job genius. Says a lot for you. I have a 2005 300C myself ordered it in July , picked it up on Sept. 3rd. Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl, dark slate leather interior, moonroof. It doesn't accelerate the way I had hoped & its not very resposive to me hittin the gas pedal, but it handles very very good even in the rain. I'm not into racing though. Mine has 22" rims, Chrome mesh Bently style grill, Chrome pillar post around the windows, & white L.E.D. "neon" lights under the car. no sound yet.
  12. you are a complete twat
  13. well, they say the regular 300C will be an astonishing £29k when it comes, £37k?

    i have no clue
  14. this car looks nice
  15. Don't know about the price but does the styling really suit a sedan? I'm not from the US, so I'm probably very wrong, but it looks like it should be like one of your big trucks instead of a sedan. Anyways, I know that US cars are styled that way but I think there should be a greater difference between the sedan and SUV styling.
  16. Around 40 is my guess...

    Can anyone fathom this thing with a T88 in it?


    Oh... and this style's hearkening back to the days of the super-sedans, like the old 40's gangster cars. That big front grille is so aggressive that you can't help but think about those old beasts.
  17. thanks for your imput never post again
  18. road & Track says "With one series, the 300 covers a lot of real estate, from a relatively benign 2.7-liter 190-bhp entry-level model priced below $25,000 up through the SRT-8, which commands $40,000." (AMERICAN)

    And the normal 300C in Canadian is around $50,000 with a couple of options. So I'm guessing it'll will be like.... high 50's to low 60's?..
  19. YES! It is what Americans want! This is retro styling, to say the least. The designers went after the origional 300's for design elements, the 300C and 300D being the main targets.

    My grandfather had a 1958 Chrysler 300D convertable, HEMI and all...It was one of the fastest sedan/coupes you could buy back then, just like this one is today. He allrady has his name on the list for the SRT-8 Coupe/Convertable.

    Personally, I love this car. I just hope that GM gets wind of this retro-futureism trend, and decide to build a retro Impala and Monte Carlo (along with their sister cars at Buick, Pontiac, etc). I hope that the automotive world is taking notice, as far as I know the 300s have been flying off dealer lots, as have the new classicly-styled mustangs...The return of the Chevele/Malibu, Fairlane, and Charger (slated for production), cant be far off...Re-living the 1960s will be fun.
  20. who cares, its a peice of shiat
  21. Very intelligent post mate, NOT.
  22. I don't know how you can summon the brain power to turn on your computer, load up your web browser, type a reply, and then spell two words out of a whopping seven completely wrong. I mean..Jesus Christ man, do they -have- a school system where you live? For future reference it's 'piece' and 'shit', oh, and you'll notice when I want to say 'it is' I use an apostrophe. It helps me not look like a dumbass.
  23. Fair enough. Good point, I suppose it is what the American market wants. Don't think it would go down very well in the rest of the world though
  24. Whatever its beautiful

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