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  1. Hey does anybody know what the price for this was? I'm trying to figure out what competition this car had at its time. I think the Lotus was more expensive, but I'm not sure... if it was the same price the Lotus would be a better car IMO. I'm not saying this car is bad though. Does anybody else know what competition this car had?
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    theres a small box on youre left. click what 1981 mag you want. you can read all about the D and/or its competion. in a nut shell, you can by these for about $6k for shit, and $25k for a good one. go for 5 speed, much better.
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    i am new to Deloreans and recently have seen one at a car dealership for $6,900 and it said that it is rare and complete, needing a little TLC. I do not know the miles or anything like that, but am going to try to test drive it tomorrow if it is still there (weather permiting) The question is, how much do you think this car would be worth after some work is put into it to get it into average condition? oh it is a 1981 if that makes a difference. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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    I wouldnt touch that car with a 20 foot pole.

    No decent D will sell for under 10, and even that car will need ALOT of work.

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    I agree, unless you know what you are doing.

    Above 10 is about the best to go for.
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    how much did a d cost 20+ years ago
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    in 1981 they went for around $25,000 by 1983 they were at around $32,000
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    going by the price they would cost about as much as a corvette now. the eightys corvettes cost around 25,000
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    nope. a good one still stands at 25k.
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    Christ that's a lot of money. A Supra (in USD) costs about that much as well. Bastards want a lot of money for rare machines.

    Problem with the DMC is they are more harder to find (at least that's what I think).
  11. They were rare to begin with, and rarer still nowadays. If I saw one for $6900, I'd probably buy it, even if it does need a lot of restoration.

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