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  1. I guess this probably didn't cost a whole lot when it was new (by today's standards), but how much would a mint condition 275 GTB/4 go for now, maybe at an auction or just at a private sale?
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    Think $270-350,000
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    Probably even more I think.
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    Those estimates are about right, but there are a few 275GTB's that will cost you a bundle. The rarest version is the 275GTB C/S; only 4 were built and 2 remain. These full racing versions will cost about $1,500,000 to $2,500,000 today. I even had the opportunity to sit in one; absolutely breathtaking!
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    275 GTB/4's go for $275k-$400k. Add $200k for alloy body.
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    Oh god damnit, give the guy a real estimate. You are leaving a $100k difference: "$270K-$350K", my ass. One of Philadelphia's prime collectors, but the name of Aubus, just sold one of these babies for exactly $351,266. It wasn't in mint condition nor was it racing spec, nor was it chrome bodied, but it was a great example.

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