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  1. Does anyone know the price of this car? I know the 200 model was about US$270 000. Which is pretty darn cheap for a car of this performance. Definately rivals the best of Ferarri for about half the price.
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    Actually, $270,000 is closer to 1/3 of the Enzo's $660k price.
    Any way, this one is $470, and thats a damn good deal. Hell, if it cost the same as the Enzo, it would still be better.
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    $470 000 seems like a fairly big hike in the price since the 2000 model was priced at $270 000 base model. I still agree it is a performance bargain and an incredible car, but I don't know where the prie increase came from as the 200 and 2002 model do not differ much.

    If I could scratch up $470 000 I would buy one
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    For $470,000 you are buying the biggest rival to the McLaren F1s top speed that is in production. Personally I'd save up for the Bugatti cos I LOVE that car wheras I love this one. Both get in my top 10, near the top.

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