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  1. I've heard around 350,000 but i'm not sure if that was true.
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    Sure is!
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    thanks man
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    yeah thats right, $350,000
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    I checked out an episode of BBC Top Gear and they were talking bout the 62... cost around 285,000 GBP... I could just live in 1 of these things...
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    hey i just got 1 yesterday from an exotics car dearler in indiana

    and he gave it 2 me for about 345 grand

    its great
    but its like a freakin limo its huge
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    Ive been in the new BRABUS maybach which is 500,000£ (700,000 euros) at teh geneva motorshow last week, thats is incredible, this one loks rather vulgar by comparison and it costs about 280,000£ in teh uk so quite a different price

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    What ever the price is, its still a nice car

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