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  1. lol nevermind the typo. but what a superb car!!
  2. evo its �97,000
  3. This car is so amazing it has a spoiler just like the Carrera GT, an automatic spoiler with just one click, here is your spoiler out.
    This car is even better than a Gallardo and an F430, Because:
    Gallardo: Starts at: $175,000 (Coupe, and Spyder is: $195,000)
    911 Turbo is: $122,900
    Gallardo has: No spoilers
    911 Turbo has: Spoilers
    911 Turbo has a much economic engine(3.6), while the Gallardo has a 5.0 engine, F430 has a 4.3 engine.
    Ferrari F430: Starts at: $168,005 (Coupe, and Spider is $192,484)
    Top Speed: (911 Turbo: 310 KM/h) (Gallardo: 309 KM/h) (F430: 318.7)
    F430 has: No spoilers

    COMMENT: F430 is the fastest, but still can't you see that the 911 Turbo is better than its competitors in many points?
  4. I love 911 Turbo so much. It's something one would never expect of any German maufacturer except Porsche. It has a superb handling, 4WD, an awesome engine, unique looks and still lots of comfort.

    Porsche offers two different ways to go fast: 911 GT3 (rs) and the 911 Turbo. While the GT 3 RS is almost a racing car, stripped out of everything, with a high-end, high-revving NA engine, the Turbo goes just as fast with even more luxury than 911. They're both remarkable. All 911 are fantastic and this is one of the most fantastic ones

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