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  1. heres a flyer ive done
  2. Thumbnail shows, but the image isn't when I click it.
  3. Yeah man, my girlfriend charges $75/hour for this kind of stuff.
  4. I do it. I have to deal with the hardware end of it too, which is the worst part.
  5. Sweet.

    Have you ever dealt with Jedi's? (I think that's what they're called...)

    A buddy of mine works for a company that has one, and it basically prints on ANY flat surface. They printed their logo on a graham cracker just to see if it would work.
  6. That sounds pretty badass. So does it have to be perfectly flat (or very, very close)?
  7. Just somewhat flat so it'll fit under the thingamawhatsit or something.
  8. No, but that sounds awesome. I used to have a screen that could print on any flat surface, but I put a huge hole in it. I need to build another one.

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