Probably gonna pick up this jeep this week

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    went to check it out today, seemed pretty sweet, my dad managed to bargain them down to 7,300. he's just going to have his mechanic friend take a look at it and if he says all is well its mine. pretty psyched.
  2. do black girls even like jeeps .. ?
  3. A man with a car is always a good thing
  4. When you do I'll finally be able to answer that "What do douches in your area drive?" thread.
  5. yeah, cause a 10+ year, unassuming stock black jeep is a real douche bag car.

    you're retarded
  6. Automatic? Come on man
  7. they hold their value well, so i'd be concerned about a low price. if it checks out, it checks out. usually, if don't intend to go do fun stuff with it then a jeep is a good way to spend too much money for a daily driver but that's a pretty good price. buddy of mine sold a 2003 wrangler for about 14k before he left the state some years ago. That's a big chunk of change for an eight year old.
  8. LOL, that's a terrible vehicle for what you're gonna use it for.
  9. backward technology and aging mechanic

  10. Ummm, a summer beach cruiser and around town putter?

    Probably the best vehicle for that, why are you so salty? That thing probably won't be driven more than 150 miles per week
  11. What he really needs is a BMW. I've been checked out by so many black girls, and I've only had mine for two weeks.
  12. : /

    i know, i know.
  14. Did that really go right over your head?
  15. 3 speeds
    3 mother

    my '94 Tercel had more than this brick.
  16. I'm going to say either the rad, rear main seal, or the head gasket goes within the first year of ownership.
  17. I just dont trust chrysler automatics
  18. like i said, awaiting final word from a very competent mechanic, so we'll see. and like i mentioned to amg, this care is barely gonna be driven, and never driven hard. pretty much a weekend car
  19. that is one of the worst vehicles you could buy for what you want
  20. ok, once again, explain to me how a jeep wrangler is a bad vehicle for going on trips to the beach and to places that are 10 miles from my house 2-3 times a week.
  21. lovely little economical 4 litre city car right there.
  22. fuel consumption, insurance, and parking.

    for what you're doing you should have just gotten a smart car
  23. why would you buy a car if you didn't need one?
    why would you buy a $7000 car if you didn't need one?
    why would you buy an offroad vehicle for a commuter?
    why would you buy one the one offroad vehicle that makes almost no ammends for the road for a commuter?
    why would you buy an automatic jeep?
    why would you buy an automatic chysler?
    why would you buy a $7000 toy when you said you were building savings?

    there are so many reasons this is a bad idea
  24. yeah this probably isn't a very suitable option for his needs

    but whatever, let him enjoy/hate it, find out on his own

    niggas gotta learn some day
  25. I agree with this statement.

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