Probably gonna pick up this jeep this week

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. All of this, plus...

    Beach-cruiser? You're gonna introduce a Chrysler to salty ocean air on top of the salt they use on the roads in winter? Enjoy the brown stain of shame.

    Short trips are the last thing a 4 Liter straight-6 straight outta the 1960's needs.

    You should have just bought a Golf Cabriolet if you wanted to live out your Beach-Party Barbie fantasies.
  2. i want one.
    ive always wanted a jeep, and i have the means.
    it will be taken on camping trips several times a year
    you talk as if im going to be driving on major highways and free ways constantly. its an around town vehicle.
    ease of use
    i have faith in my fathers mechanic, plus he works for him so if anything does happen free labor
    i want a jeep
  3. gross.
  4. highway driving would be better for it. short trips are not good for any vehicle let alone a Jeep.
  5. Also, if all you're gonna do is cruise the beach, why get a hardtop? It's gonna take three men and a boy to get that thing on and off there...
  6. Don't listen to them, buy it. My sis has one and it's badass. Just use it off-road damnit. Even if you go up a hill once every 3 months, just do it cause it's a Jeep and it can.
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  9. I hate US car prices
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  11. The Miata is the winner of those 3.
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  13. I think I've finally figured out your grand plan here.

    you're going to live in this jeep with your friend aren't you?
  14. better than a jeep
  15. Yes.
  16. Pretty certain Corks isn't a girl, no matter how much he whinges.
  18. Have you ever drive one before?
  19. lol christ.

    the majority of this forum IS salty.

    it's because they think you're a douche bag and they are automatically going to treat you like a douche bag especially when you make a decision somewhat typical of douche baggery.

    ESP has one, loves it and no one really hates on him for it. Because he's a nice guy on here.

    yah whatever it's not a good vehicle and it costs way too much for what it is.

    but #$%# it guy, just buy it if you want it.

    Clearly you think it's a cool vehicle and some chicks are really gonna think you're a cool guy because you have a Wrangler. It's sorta like a Mustang GT. Some people will think you're a twat.

    But ya, it's your money and one day, if you get really poor and the ownership gets super expensive, you could still sell it for a decent amount of your money back. OR. It will make you humble and you'll try to fix shit by yourself and you'll learn that sometimes, people give advice because they actually know.

    good luck, I like it.

  20. if cars were always about smart decisions, everyone would drive toyota corollas and honda civics.

    anyways, i agree that cars are like an avatar, they are an extension of you and they say a lot about the driver.

    he wants to be a Jeep Wrangler.
  21. i would tell anyone that was buying a car for that purpose not to buy a wrangler. i've driven plenty of wranglers in a city and they are dreadful. easily the worst road car i've driven (because wranglers aren't road cars)

    i get the whole 'buy what you like' thing. this is twice now that corks has asked us opinions on cars only to discount them each time
  22. You should have at least found one with an overdrive because the 3 speed in those suck. They're also terrible on gas and they suck to drive. I will say though that it will probably be reliable. Even being a Chrysler automatic, it doesn't really have any problems. Although it was probably designed in the stone age before Chrysler even bought jeep.

    My choice for a jeep would be a Cherokee, which are better in every way, and probably the best vehicle jeep has ever made.

  23. im not asking for advice this time, im stating what i have decided.

    AA understands.
  24. Thats very low miles for that car, I've seen these with 300k

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