Probably gonna pick up this jeep this week

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. So you see yourself as a bulky ageing lesbian?
  2. And we are stating for all the things you said you wanted from a car, this is the wrong car, and you are an idiot.

    Everyone except you and Mr Amazing understand this.

  3. I believe Mr. Amazing and possibly Mr. Corks both realize this but don't give a shit.
  4. "salty"

    its not that i dont understand. its that im looking at it differently than you are.
  5. Well have fun filling it once a week for your '120 miles a week' lol. People like you are what turned the Wrangler into the leather clad automatic, electronic diff of a sadcase it is currently.

    But whatever, your money to waste so enjoy br0-ing it out.
  6. Lol micropenis car
  7. Whats with all the jeep hate? Jeeps are great cars. I'd #$%#ing love one right about now.
  8. ugh.

    I'm not really in the business of defending anyone here but....seriously?? Ease up on the drama man.

    we're talking about a Jeep Wrangler here, not like a classic Alfa Romeo or something.

    Lets say he didn't have to buy the car, and he got gifted the vehicle or it was a hand-me-down.

    Are you telling me that it's so ridiculous to run that he would simply go into poverty to do it? No.

    Is the ride so absurd that you just couldn't deal with the shortcomings if you thought it was cool? No.

    Is practicality sports car bad? No.

    I don't actually think he'd be filling the entire tank every 120miles, but lets say youre right and he does that once a week, so what??

    And ya you're right, "people like him" are so damaging, they are just giving this primitive vehicle market purpose and allowing Chrysler to jack up the price, make extra money on options, and just comfortably enjoy high resale value, demand and brand loyalty.

    If it weren't for all these people making up probably 90%+ of the market, Wranglers would either be extinct and/or be priced like Defender 90s, G-Wagons or classic Landcruisers.

    Where's your beloved "indie band, true to the craft" G Wagon and Range Rover now?

    What happened to the headstrong but super small market Defender and H1? How much did they cost?

    You have a sub 25k Wrangler today because of these guys.

    If you aren't the grandson of Dr. Jeb Wrangler, just roll up your tent and stop occupying. You don't have a clue what motivates the world/automotive industry.
  9. I was looking at 80-series Land Cruisers the other day just for the #$%# of it

    Holy shit $10k for a truck with 250k+ miles

    I know they'll run forever but damn
  10. "These are my needs."
    "This car doesn't fulfil any of them"

    Yah ok buddy, should probably just get a suzuki swift
  11. You are incredibly, incredibly dense.

  12. plus #$%#ing 1
  13. Yes if anything, that is what this thread has shown.
  14. When you're in highschool, yeah! By your mid-20s, the only people without cars are skids and bicycle hipsters.
  15. I'm in my mid 20s and I don't have a car ;_;
  17. Yes, well things are a little different in Europe.
  18. Although, if I lived in Europe I'd still have a car.
  19. lol, a Wrangler? in New York.

    gaydars will be going off all over the boroughs.
  20. This is the only car I would consider buying. Or maybe a V70.

  21. Wow don't listen to these clowns
    Practicality of a vehicle does not correlate with awesomeness
    Downside is, you'll probably have to fix something at every oil change
  22. Jeeps are silly and impractical but they're fun. Enjoy it.
  23. well i used to have one, but its goddamn expensive to run a car here. road tax, insurance, maintenance and gas combined is pretty #$%#ing expensive every month.

    i wanted a lease car, which would be affordable, but considering i only work for 1,5 year now i can't have one. you have to have a work history of at least 3 years <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  24. I lol'd, hard.
  25. anything with a v8 is considered compensation for lack of peni here btw

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