Probably gonna pick up this jeep this week

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 8, 2013.

  2. What about V12? Or straight 6? Or radial 9?
  3. do you ever see a v12?

    straight 6 is for morrocans and pikeys
  4. Yes I do.

    So the straight 4 is the cylinder configuration of choice?

    Also what's a pikey?
  5. MAN, Amazing Asian bringing the logic and objectivity in this thread. Good on you, sir.

    I don't understand how the forums have gotten so bitter lately. Yeah, the car doesn't completely line up with his stated purpose or his previous threads about saving money, but so what? Most members like to talk about totally impractical things all the time and this thread certainly doesn't deserve the kind of response it's gotten. Seasonal Affective Disorder must be running rampant up in this b1tch.
  6. It wouldn't be half as bad if Corks hadn't solicited advice when he first brought up buying a Jeep. We all told him it was a stupid idea and he ignored us. WE DO NOT TAKE REJECTION WELL. Also, our cycles may have sync'd at an inopportune moment for Corks. Or maybe it's communal male menopause.
  7. Every corks thread receives many backfires. If I made this thread it would have gone completely different
  8. What's up with clobot being the good cop this week?
  9. Lol tell me to ease up on the drama will ya...

    Way to exaggerate my issue with buying such a vehicle. It's not that I care enough about the 'sacred' values of Jeeps as offroading vehicles. I just realize that if you take something that, like the Humvee, was used as a military vehicle and attempt to tame it for civilian use it's going to be an impractical piece of shit. I couldn't care less if they were extinct along with all the other vehicles you mentioned.

    As for my understanding of the automotive market, I don't care what motivates people to buy such vehicles as I'm not in the business of doing so. It has no bearing on my personal tastes. My point is that I would never consider buying a Jeep, but if I did it would be good at what Jeeps were originally good at, offroading. It's beneficial to have awareness of the history of any given vehicle. I don't take marketing ploys as to how vehicles 'should be' seriously because I know what they ARE.

    Yeah nice hipster dig though. I'm not an automotive hipster, I'm someone who enjoys purity in cars. Meaning straightforward and purpose built, focused performers. Obviously it's a dying mentality considering the amount of garbage on the road these days that try to be and do everything. That's what people want, but it's not what I want. Hopefully you realize now that you misinterpreted my beef with this purchase. As I said though, it's not my money thankfully.

    And yes I do realize that my opinions regarding cars are rather unusual and a bit extreme. I care about motorsports and the progression of technology in various series.

  10. Ehm...its probably because hes a dick to other members opinions, so he receives backfire right now.
  11. yup ...

    but lets be honest , how many people think this jeep will actually happen ?
  12. Good cop?

  13. Jeep is a crap vehicle for everything except actual offroading. That said, a buddy of mine owned one for years and survived just fine in Toronto. It was breezy in the winter, noisy in the summer, backseat passengers were cramped, and his fuel costs were astronomical, but he loved it.
  14. Because it seems like people on the forums have been more bitter than usual. Don't get me wrong, this is a bitter place and I get that, its just gotten out of hand lately and I don't understand it.
  15. I blame Campari
  16. I blame FilmyCar because his car is filmy.
  17. I could have made a thread about buying a civic and gotten the same reaction
  18. i sincerely doubt that. a jeep in a city just doesn't make sense, a civic does.

    also a civic isn't a car for compensation for small peni
  19. A car's a car.
    Pretty much buy what you want and enjoy it/the foam that flows from other people at your choices.
  20. It also makes sense to always put on a condom when porking some fat slurry. Do you always do that?
  21. touche
  22. Campari + soda my new go to drink. sooo goooood
  23. Live life without a condom, Jeep Wrangler.
  24. oh shit a girl is here! everyone be nice!

    consider ourselves moderated.

    Her appeal would be so diminished but CR could be a mod. No one has as much disciplinary power.

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