Probably gonna pick up this jeep this week

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Just make me a girl.
  2. I'll make you a woman
  3. You know he would get the same reaction regardless of what the car is. Corks isn't my favorite member, but everyone on here gets at every angle they can when it comes to him, and he is responsible for that.

    I don't understand what the big deal is, so what if he wants a #$%#ing Jeep that gets 5 mpg, it's his deal. People act as if 50% of the cars they see on the road are not impractical, at least in US/Canada this is true.
  4. Well yeah

    AMG has been taking flak for his Civic for several years now
  5. I like to think people try to accommodate my opinions (or at least don't fight with me) because I'm objective about things and emotionally detached, but it probably really does boil down to the fact that I'm a girl. Whatever works, I guess.
  6. It's both.

    You've earned the respect being a well tempered wisdom dealer but it's definitely heightened by the ability to deliver a swift and merciless female public scolding.

    the magic scepter, there's only one in the village and you hold it.
  7. But mostly because you are banging a mod
  8. HA, I'm like the First Lady up in here. I should use FLOSCN as my title on LinkedIn, I think it would really impress.
  9. Be gentle with me.
  10. its because we find him annoying. if it would have been anyone else the thread would have been different.
  11. no i would have told anyone buying a wrangler for a city car is stupid.

    i'm really hoping aa is just trolling because he's not even getting what people are saying right
  12. Remember the little asian chick that used to post here? wtf was her name? She had that perpetual 15-year-old look going on. The whole site hung on her every word and kissed her tiny butt.

    Remember Noisy Sun? She was pretty if you were into the greasy goth look. Half the site accommodated her poastings, the other half had no time for her.

    Remember Skleats? She looked like Rosie O'Donnel. Nobody ever cared what she said.

    It's not because you're objective nor because you're emotionally detached, nor just because you're a girl. It's because you're a girl and you're very pretty.
  13. Kitsune
  14. didn't skleats have a tattoo of a Lotus Elise?
  15. That's it. All I remembered was that it was some sort of cutsey kawaii name. Pikachu kept popping into my head, lol
  16. yeh, not a very good one either, if I recall with any clarity
  17. i spent a lot of time talking to noisy sun on aim, she sent me nekkid pix too

    in all seriousness though i thought she was alright
  18. poast is useless without pix
  19. i cant recall it with much clarity either, but that's because the tattoo had no clarity
  20. inb4 pm from hemistage
    he has asked me for them as well
  21. Remember Alexus?

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