Probably the best freestyle ever

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bunnykillspython, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Big L and Jay Z in 1995

  2. Man get that NYC garbage out of here, everyone knows nobody does it like cali
  3. Biggie and Eminem are the best freestylers.
  5. Post better.
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    This is probably the best
  7. Biggie, maybe, Eminem is #$%#ing awful hip-pop
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    I have that on my ipod.
  9. Eminem is actually an amazing freestyler.
  10. Yeh I used to
  11. that was great
  12. That's #$%#ing awesome.
  13. them niggas got capped
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    This wipes them all out:
  15. white trash
  16. Big L is better than both Biggie and Tupac.

    Lord Finesse
    Black Thought
    Pharoahe Monch
    Percee P
    Chino XL
    Ras Kass

    And that's without even thinking about it. Shit I know people who can freestyle better than Biggie & Pac did.
  17. I highly doubt you know people that can freestyle better than Biggie.
  18. Not my cup of coffee
  19. haha me too! biggie really is the best rapper.
  20. I second.
  21. Big L is a damn good rapper I need to dowload more of his songs
  22. Also, post pics/link/name of the chick in bunnykillspython's avatar. She's hella hot.
  23. Don't get the wrong idea and think I'm comparing them to Biggie haha, the guy is a legend. The way that he delivers his freestyles is what makes him near untouchable. What he freestyles about however, is never really that complex. Also I'm only talking freestyling ability here, not including his albums or anything stupid like that. Same goes for 2Pac.

    However, there is a guy from around here called Delta who is unbelievable and I would happily compare him to just about anybody in terms of freestyling. If he was American and as good as he is, chances are you'd know all about him. I'll hunt around and see if I can find some examples of his stuff.

    edit: Ok so I have no idea where I got 2pac from so let's just forget about him haha. Eminem is a great freestyler. I still don't think he is better than any of the people I listed though.

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